As far as services are concerned, offers a wide variety of those, and based on that alone, it can be described as a very versatile writing service. On the list of the services they offer are essay writing help, academic assignments, thesis papers, book reports, coursework, case studies, dissertations, research papers, and even business plans, among others. This is only a partial list of what they offer. But, first and foremost, since its customers are most likely to be college students, they are an essay writing service. This sort of versatility requires many different types of assignment writers, and we are not sure how many are actually working for this service.

If you want to choose a reliable essay writing service at once, see the table:


Top Essay Services



1 Value for Money

  • Bidding platform to find the best writers

  • Payment is made only after the finished essay is received

2 Best by Price

wiseessays reviews
  • Prices start at just $7.74 per page

  • Generous volume-based, life-long, and seasonal discounts

3 Best by Quality

paperhelp reviews
  • Almost no issues with essays' quality (based on reviews and overall online reputation)

  • Beneficial ​loyalty and referral programs Quality Review

Considering the quality of their papers, this is certainly not the best writing service out there, since their essays and papers sometimes seem as if they were put together in a rush by one of their essay writers. Grammar and spelling mistakes are absolutely unacceptable, but luckily, there weren’t many to be found in the work of the writers. However, the treatment of the topics was problematic at times, as the authors didn’t do enough research on the subject, resulting in a subpar paper, or they missed the subject by a considerable margin.

Writing Cheap Reliability Review

Those looking for essay help expect a service to be reliable, and for their writers to turn their orders on time. As for WritingCheap, they are reliable for the most part, as you won’t find legions of students complaining about how they weren’t able to receive their papers on time. But, the service is still not 100% reliable, as you will be able to find negative comments about the reliability of their writers if you are willing to do some digging online. Still, this company can be considered relatively reliable, but be careful which one of their writers you choose to write your paper.

WritingCheap Prices Review

The thing that sets apart WritingCheap from nearly every other assignment writing service out there is the fact that is doesn’t display a clear pricing plan for its customers, which is not terribly user-friendly. Being unique in this case is a minus, because students are not known as the richest bunch, and it is reasonable for them to expect to see the prices before they can commission an order. They have place their order first, and they wait for the writers to place their bids, which takes away precious time, and the whole point of ordering an essay is because you are short on time. Sure, the students will choose the lowest bid and save some money, which is commendable, but they ma y not have time to wait. In terms of special offers, discounts, and coupons, this service doesn’t offer much. In fact, you won’t be able to receive a discount even if you are a repeat customer. The only way you can save money here is by choosing the most affordable essay writer on the site.

Webdesign and Usability

Good businesses strive to appear their best. It is possible that WritingCheap is unaware of this. It has a pleasing appearance, but its structure is too simplistic. Although pastel colors and several hazy images appear minimalistic, they demolish the sense of uniqueness. I’ve encountered hundreds of similar websites, and if I encounter this one again in a few months, I won’t likely recognize it. Designers could employ a more intelligent strategy and select some genuinely original logos and color schemes. Deliberate misinformation is a second factor that immediately makes me uneasy. claims that revisions, citations, the title page, and formatting are free of charge. They posted a purported fee for these additions before kindly informing you that it will not be applied and you will receive them for free. The issue is that they are intended to be gratis! They are present in every company, regardless of whether they are the best essay writing service or the worst, because they are an integral part of the service you acquire. Perhaps in the future, companies will begin charging extra for revisions and formatting, but as of now, no one does, so WritingCheap attempts to deceive potential customers into believing they will save money.

Alternatively, this website is informative. It lists prices, provides evaluations of WritingCheap, as dubious as they may be, and makes it simple to locate anything else you may require. I admired this method because I detest endlessly intricate websites. The actual content is fairly fluent. I observed sporadic grammar, semantic, and punctuation errors, but they were minor. Texts are of adequate length and thoroughly explain their subject matter.

Customer Support

We could not find a phone number or a live chat feature on the company’s website for fast contact with the support staff. The majority of reviews verify that it takes a long time to receive an email response. Additionally, it is essential to note that the ability to communicate directly with the project’s executor is a benefit.

Short Review

While WritingCheap is a versatile and relatively reliable service, that allows you to find a cheap assignment writer, the quality of their writing is not always stellar, and the process of ordering an essay or a paper is not among the quickest and most user-friendly you will come across online. You shouldn’t have to wait for the bids before ordering an essay. The positive aspect of it is that you control the price of your essay, but on the other hand, you lose precious time by doing so.


Is legit?

Yes, the service complies with all applicable regulations.

Is safe?

Yes. Your personal data is stored securely on the website and is never shared with a third party.

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