WritePaper.com Review
WritePaper.com Review

WritePaper.com Review

When you Google “WritePaper Review,” the first result is a list of websites with dodgy 5-star reviews. You know that an honest Write Paper review with clear criteria would be critical in determining whether or not they are a legitimate essay writing service and whether or not they are worth your money.


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1 Value for Money

  • Bidding platform to find the best writers

  • Payment is made only after the finished essay is received

2 Best by Price

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  • Prices start at just $7.74 per page

  • Generous volume-based, life-long, and seasonal discounts

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  • Almost no issues with essays' quality (based on reviews and overall online reputation)

  • Beneficial ​loyalty and referral programs

WritePaper.com Services Review

You can choose from a variety of assignment categories, ranging from creative writing to a thesis or dissertation! The order form is simple and fast to fill out. The data you entered in the essay calculator will be transferred to this ordering form, however, you will be required to provide additional information.

Any of WritePaper’s writers will be able to see your order if you choose a public order. Only the writers you invite will be able to see and bid on your order if you choose the private order option. Is there a fee for placing a private order? Nope! However, in order to use this order option, you must have previously placed an order with WritePaper.com. You’ll know which essay writers you prefer and wish to invite to finish your essay this way.

The next step in the ordering procedure is to choose amongst the bids of the writers. You will not be assigned a specific writer by Essay Service. Instead, it uses a bidding system in which you can select from a number of different writers, each of whom has a different fee. And it’s not easy at all.

Because of a large number of 5-star reviewed profiles with basic or no feedback, it can be difficult to choose a writer.

WritePaper.com Prices Review

We wish we could explain all that goes into their pricing, but they don’t have a pricing page or table on their website.
In reality, the only cost information on their website was that their essays start at $11.4 per page. Although WritePaper’s rates start at $11.4 per page, you should keep in mind that they use a bidding system. This means that the prices of different writers will vary.
What’s the average price? According to WritePaper.com reviews on 3-rd-party platforms, it’s usually more than $11.4 per page. Overall, the rates at WritePaper are quite low, however, there is not much explanation of what affects the pricing, as it’s always possible that a writer simply exaggerates their skills and areas of competence.

It’s possible that the reason that you can’t download writers’ profile images at writepaper.com is on purpose so that no one detects that they’re faked. The client reviews on their writers’ profiles are another scam at WritePaper. The bulk of customer reviews are all five stars and contain just very generic or no comments, implying that they may be false.

WritePaper.com Additional Features Review

  • You should be aware that WritePaper offers a one-of-a-kind payment procedure! What is the mechanism behind it? You deposit money into your WritePaper account and pay the writer in installments when they complete specific checkpoints. Basically, you get to decide when and how much you want to pay the writer. This permits you to prolong payment until you are completely satisfied with the essay.
  • Refund and confidentiality guarantees are included, but there is no mention of a revision guarantee on their website.

WritePaper Reviews

WritePaper honest review

Rated 3 out of 5
July 30, 2021

I placed an order and received it within a reasonable amount of time. However, I was unable to use the paper because the topic did not correspond to my requirements. I made contact with upper management. Kate, I was told, had to make the decision or provide guidance. Kate informed me that I would be getting a 30% refund. Her tone has shifted now that I’ve requested a refund. I paid $145 for a product, and you’d think the customer service would be better.