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Wiseessays.com Review – Reliable or Not?

For a service that looks so promising, wise essays have really low prices. We cannot emphasize this enough – the price system at this service is the lowest we have seen for a very long time now. Does this make wiseessays scam or is it a safe and trustworthy site to use?

Before we began to check the reliability and quality of an essay obtained on this website, we wanted to check whether or not is wiseessays.com cheating with those prices. We have discovered that, in fact, you can consider wiseessays.com legit. They offer their papers with unrealistic prices, but since they deliver a paper once you pay for it, we could definitely define wiseessays safe.

Still, we definitely can’t put this wise essays review in our list of best essay writing service reviews. The company may not be fake or illegal, but we cannot define wiseessays.com a good service.

Is Wise Essays Legit? What Services Do They Provide?

Almost every customer who spoke about wiseessays had one or two bad things to say. So, this might be a legit service, but if you’re asking ís wiseessays.com trustworthy, our answer at this point would be no. For a company that presents itself as professional company with high rating, they seem to cheat too many customers about the quality they provide.

None of their features suggest that there’s an affiliate site that helps the company charge more students. Their service list is also a good feature of the company. If their quality turned out to be as they present it to be, this would be a really reliable service to ask to write your papers.  These services include blog posts, poems, journal articles, response papers, discussion posts, memo or letter writing, and even interview preparation.

Wiseessays.com Prices

The part with the services was great and looks really appealing, but the most tempting feature here is definitely the pricing. High school essays can go at a price as low as $7.29 per page. This rate is three times lower when compared to what most high-rated companies charge. It sounds amazing to a student on a low budget, but we don’t see this price being realistic for the type of writer assistance the service speaks of.

Why? Because companies like the one in this essaywriter.org review charge higher rates, but they are more reasonable for the offered quality. You can’t expect the extraordinary quality Wiseessays.com promises to deliver at a price that’s much less than even $10 for a page. They even add a wise essays discount to this, which is even more surprising now that we know about their prices.

The discount for newcomers is 12%. They haven’t provided any other information about this, not even on their page called Discounts. If you ask them about it, they won’t provide you with a discount unless they have an occasional special offer. So, you can only get the discount on your first order.

This shouldn’t be much of an issue considering how their prices are still lower than the ones companies have with discounts included.

Is Wise Essays Reliable? Is There Some Feedback on the Web?

Many of the things on the website turned out to be fake when we checked the feedback of the service and ordered there. The first thing that went wrong was the money-back guarantee.

No one speaks of a chargeback or a refund in the cases where something went wrong, and we read about plenty of such cases. So, if something goes wrong, be prepared to lose the money you spend here. Even though they have low rates, we don’t see any students being glad about the money they spent here if their paper process goes badly.

The second and bigger issue is the wiseeessays.com plagiarism. Apparently, this is a continuous and repetitive issue that’s reported by literally hundreds of customers in online testimonials.

Our Experience with the Wiseessays.com Writing Company

Our experience wasn’t as bad as we expected with the support service once we read the reviews. But, the bad quality and the amount of plagiarism make it understandable why students are so frustrated after talking to the support. We received a paper of equally bad quality as it is mentioned in most comments, and even though the support was professional and friendly, they didn’t help us. This would make any student frustrated with the service, including their support.


Wiseessays.com is a legit paper writing company in the sense that it delivers papers. That’s all they do right. The service list is the greatest you’ll find and the prices are the most attractive. But, what good are these features if they can’t deliver on their quality promises and don’t guarantee anything to their customers? This is what happened to us and many others, which is why we can’t recommend the service.

Just love this service

Rated 5 out of 5
October 31, 2021

Very professional writers, always unique and plagiarism free papers. Bit pricey for me, though. But good grades are definitely worth it.


Ok service

Rated 4 out of 5
October 25, 2021

I am not a fan of that kind of sites, but this one I rely on. They are not ideal (I’ve experienced a few delays and support unprofessionalism), but overall this writing service is good. Very reasonable prices also.