TopResume Review 2023

TopResume is a company that offers resume writing services to job seekers looking to enhance their chances of landing a job. However, the company has been subject to numerous negative reviews and accusations of being a scam. In this TopResume review, we will examine some of the concerns raised by customers and explore both positive and negative aspects of TopResume’s services.

– ❌ TopResume is described as a scam company that preys on vulnerable job seekers in desperate situations due to the pandemic and lack of job opportunities. – ❌ The company targets people looking for a job by offering better CVs and resumes for a price, but they provide subpar, low-quality work by outsourcing to cheap, inexperienced writers. – ❌ TopResume misleads users by offering a “free analysis” of their resumes but provides a generic rejection email to everyone, creating psychological pressure to buy their services. – ❌ The company manipulates its online reviews, generating fake positive reviews to inflate its reputation and actively seeking down negative reviews. – ❌ TopResume has a strict no-refund policy, and their “guarantee” only offers to rewrite the resume once, with several conditions that make it challenging to claim a refund. – ❌ While it’s possible to cancel an order before receiving any work, the company will still charge a $79 cancellation fee, making money without providing any service. – ❌ TopResume threatens customers with damaging their credit reports if they fail to make future payments for their unsatisfactory services.

TopResume Service Overview

TopResume, also known as TopCV, is operated by the parent company Talent Worldwide Incorporated. They claim to provide professional resume writing and CV optimization services to help job seekers present themselves effectively to potential employers. The company promises to improve resumes and cover letters, thus increasing the likelihood of getting noticed by employers.

TopResume Positive Aspects

While there are criticisms surrounding TopResume, some customers have reported positive experiences with the service. Some individuals mentioned that their assigned writers were responsive and worked collaboratively to make requested revisions. They appreciated the opportunity for two revision periods within a 7-day period, which allowed them to refine their resumes to their satisfaction.

In some cases, customers reported receiving resumes that they were pleased with after working with TopResume. They acknowledged that the service provided what was advertised, though they did not consider it a perfect solution.

TopResume Negative Aspects 

TopResume has received significant negative feedback from customers, leading to accusations of being a scam. Many users complained that the company’s resume writers seemed inexperienced and provided low-quality work. Some claimed that TopResume simply restructured their existing resumes without adding any significant value.

Several customers reported receiving resumes with copy-pasted paragraphs, making their documents appear generic and devoid of substance. There were also claims that the resumes contained exaggerated information, misrepresenting the individual’s qualifications and skills.

The company’s “free analysis” has come under scrutiny as well. Customers felt that the feedback provided was overly generic and did not offer any real insights into improving their resumes. This created a sense of urgency, pressuring job seekers to pay for TopResume’s services.

No-Refund Policy at

Another major concern raised by customers is TopResume’s strict no-refund policy. Even when services are not delivered as promised or when customers are dissatisfied with the results, the company refuses to issue refunds. This lack of accountability has further fueled accusations of TopResume being a scam.

TopResume Manipulated Reviews

TopResume has also faced criticism for allegedly manipulating online reviews. There are claims that the company generates fake positive reviews to boost its reputation while actively seeking to remove negative reviews. Such practices undermine trust and raise questions about the company’s integrity.


Based on customer feedback and online reviews, TopResume’s reputation is mixed, with a notable number of negative experiences overshadowing the positive ones. The allegations of TopResume being a scam stem from low-quality work, generic feedback, and an inflexible no-refund policy.

Job seekers seeking resume writing services should cautiously approach TopResume and carefully evaluate alternative options. Conducting thorough research and considering reviews from various sources can help individuals make more informed decisions when choosing a resume writing service.

It is essential to be aware of the potential risks involved in engaging with TopResume and similar companies, as they may not always deliver the desired results. As always, exercising due diligence and seeking out reputable resume writing services can increase the chances of a successful job search.


  1. Is TopResume a scam?
    • Many customers have accused TopResume of being a scam due to the poor quality of work, generic feedback, and lack of refunds. However, it is essential to consider both positive and negative reviews before making a judgment.
  2. Are the positive reviews on TopResume genuine?
    • There have been allegations that TopResume manipulates online reviews by generating fake positive reviews and actively seeking to remove negative ones. This practice raises concerns about the credibility of the company’s reputation.
  3. Does TopResume provide refunds?
    • TopResume has a strict no-refund policy, even when customers are dissatisfied with the services provided. This lack of accountability has been a major source of frustration for dissatisfied customers.
  4. Are there any alternatives to TopResume?
    • Yes, there are various alternatives to TopResume available in the market. Customers can explore other reputable resume writing services or consider working with independent resume writers to find the best fit for their needs.
  5. How should I approach using TopResume’s services?
    • If considering TopResume, exercise caution and conduct thorough research. Read reviews from various sources and carefully evaluate the feedback provided by the company. Keep in mind the risks involved and consider alternatives before making a decision.