Starting Up North is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of northern adolescents by investing in, educating, developing, and connecting them with resources and opportunities. The non-profit organization, created in 2014, aspires to support and empower kids in distant and rural regions by developing the skills and knowledge required for entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Their primary goals are to build relationships with northern adolescents, promote active learning, generate economic opportunities, and provide access to trusted resources. To achieve these goals, Starting Up North offers a variety of programs and activities aimed at developing youth leadership, financial literacy, and marketing abilities. For example, they provide one-on-one mentoring, monthly community workshops, and even a bootcamp for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Starting Up North advocates for northerners through policy and research work in addition to the programs they provide. They have contributed to several studies, reports, and task teams that aid in the development of national programs and the overall improvement of northern towns. Starting Up North was awarded the Governor General’s Northern Medal of Excellence in 2017 for their efforts.

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