Hiring the writer who will work on your paper sounds like a unique opportunity, doesn’t it? In this PaperWriter review, we’ll evaluate one of the services which offers just that. The number of similar products on the market is growing, so finding the best one can save your grades and future career. So, we’ll make sure to carefully check all features that might affect a user’s experience.

PaperWriter is a popular academic writing service that promises low prices for professional papers. With the lowest price tag at a little more than $5, this platform sounds like the best choice. Still, there’s a list of questions people are interested in the most, so our goal in this review is to answer them.

Is PaperWriter legit? How is the price calculated? How can they have discounted prices and high-quality papers? Do they charge additional fees for the plagiarism check? What unique features do they have? Read on to find out.

PaperWriter Services Review

The service seems like it’s on the same level as the competition. So what do you need to do to order an essay here? Similarly to other sites we reviewed, PaperWriter lets you pick out of 3 services: writing, editing, and rewriting. 

Then, you need to choose the assignment type. The service presents quite a lot of options. So, if you’re not sure what you need exactly, select “essay (any type)” and communicate all the instructions and guidelines in the order description. If it’s not an essay that you’re looking for, choose “other” and speak to the select writers about all the details. 

PaperWriter uses a bidding system to give their customers the feeling of control and security in choosing the writer they like. Having many writers bidding on each order allows PaperWriter to engage only experts in their respective fields. You can spend some time looking for a perfect writer for the first time, but at least you can ensure that your assignment is in the right hands. 

PaperWriter Prices and Discounts Review

So you’ve filled out the order form, it’s time to find out the cost of what you need. Of course, writing, as the most time- and energy-consuming, is the priciest. This is also usually what students would typically pick. And that’s what we did.

To check the ease of use and product quality, we chose different writers to write a couple of essays for us. Overall, the experiment was successful. We got all our papers back in time. Some writers gave us additional hours to proofread the finished assignment before the deadline. However, we recommend choosing a finishing time for the order earlier than your actual deadline. This way, you’ll have an opportunity to ask for a revision if anything goes south.

Is it possible to save on your order? It sure is. If you’re lucky, you can come across a promo code that will take a few percent off the final price. Suppose you don’t have one. You can subscribe to the newsletter with your email address and participate in various holiday sales. The easiest way to save on the service is to order long before your deadline. The more time you give the writer, the cheaper your paper gets.

PaperWriter Special Features Review

PaperWriter distinguishes the way they pick their writers among their most important features. They claim that everyone they’ve employed passed several tests and proved that they’re trustworthy individuals. This makes the service secure in terms of anonymity and personal information. The platform also offers a free Turnitin report with every order and 24/7 support that’s always ready to solve problems. 

We tested all of those and can definitely say that they’re legit. The support took only seconds to answer us, and all writers we worked with were very considerate. Overall, we had a great experience. 

PaperWriter Online Reputation Review

Online, PaperWriter has a stable positive reputation. They’re quick to react and resolve any troubles clients might have. Customer success is their main priority, so they’re always on your side. Given that we had a perfect experience ordering from them, we’re ready to say: PaperWriter is legit.

Verdict – PaperWriter Review Summary

Our final thoughts on PaperWriter are only positive. This is a great platform to turn to when you need prompt help. Their deadlines can be as short as 6 hours, so you’ll definitely have time to have a late essay done. The quality is good as long as you choose the writer with all the qualifications for your topic.

We hope our evaluation was helpful and stood out among other PaperWriter reviews. So, choose wisely, and if you have any doubts, read our reviews of every popular writing assistant.

Good Quality

Rated 5 out of 5
May 16, 2022

I ordered several essays and I’m thankful to my essay writer for the result I got. The quality of the assignment is really good. I can recommend this writing service to my friends. Thank you!


excellent job

Rated 5 out of 5
May 2, 2022

A little more expensive than a typical bidding platform, but I suppose that’s because their writers have experience and skills to back up their reputation (and probably a degree on the side as well). I hired a former statistician to assist me with a powerpoint presentation, and he did such an excellent job.


Literal angel

Rated 5 out of 5
December 13, 2021

I’ve finally found a perfect writer for my papers. Thank you PaperWriter for such an amazing person. He’s always ready to help and in time. I really appreciate it

Audrey K.

Time and life saviors

Rated 5 out of 5
November 28, 2021

I’ve never been the one to skip classes or miss the homework deadlines, but college life forced me to behave like that. Thank god I’ve found PaperWriter to help me unload some of the heavy tasks and at least I can get out of the dorm some time now


different pricing

Rated 2 out of 5
October 1, 2021

The prices are extremely overpriced in my opinion. When I first signed up, it said the essay would cost me $60 with a coupon. However, I never saw the 15% off from the coupon, and the majority of the writer’s bids were in the $100 – $200 range. I find it completely clickbait to say one price and then see a completely different price after creating the account.