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‘Just’ $23.75 per page is not a low price, and this is the lowest you can get at In fact, until the point when you choose a writer who is willing to work on your order within the deadline, this is the only price tip you can get. This is a bidding company – which makes the writing of our PapersOwl review that much harder and incomplete.

If you have been looking at the market before this, you have surely encountered one of the bidding services. To sum up, bidding companies do not select the writer but allow you to do this by checking bidders’ offers. It is time-consuming and very interesting, but also comes with plenty of risks.

Whether is up to the challenge of ensuring the writers’ quality, you are about to find out.

About company: This website is unashamed of its close connection to Edu Birdie, which is the more popular choice for students. It proudly displays its similarities with it. Many of the features of these two sites are almost indistinguishable, from services offered all the way to the web design and color scheme, making it challenging to differentiate between them. Even their mascots are remarkably alike.

Whilst multisite companies can sometimes be a benefit, Boosta has been known to use deceptive marketing tactics to gain market dominance. This unethical approach can lead to compromised standards in the quality of their work.

KEY TAKEAWAYS The potential for overcharging is high due to the bidding system that allows writers to set their own prices. Moreover, waiting for them to place bids can be tedious and irritating. Unfortunately, some companies may resort to illegitimate methods such as fake customer reviews which are spread across various partner sites in order to attract more customers.

Papers Owl Review of Services

The list of services is literally infinite. There is no limit as to what you can offer and within which deadline, but there is also no guarantee that you will get bidders on your order. Still, the large database of writers usually results in at least a dozen bids in the first hour after you make an order.

So, even though you can order within hours only, the process of waiting for bidders and choosing one will make you lose some valuable time, too. If you want to be sure that the bidder is the right person for the job, this will probably take even more time, especially because in some cases, over twenty bidders choose to place their bid on a single order.

This is followed by the process of checking bidders’ profiles and feedback, all while considering your budget and needs. Many bidding services are the primary choice of students who are on a very limited budget but seeing that this one has a set starting price that is not so cheap to start with, it is not really a service you can use to get a cheap paper.

PapersOwl Prices Review

We were very surprised to learn that the lowest rate if $23.75 for a page. This is a solid price, but not for a bidding company. If the pricing was fixed, $23.75 would be acceptable in case discounts were applicable, but with a bidding service, this makes for a huge problem for the customer.


Because if $23.75 is the starting rate, the better writers on the site will bid with higher rates. So, the company can be considered one of the highly-priced services for those who want to select a good writer, and still, there is no guarantee on behalf of the service that they will make the right choice.

For such a high and non-fixed fee, it is unacceptable to ask the customer to spend hours checking writers’ bids and choosing the most eloquent writer. And without any loyalty program or discount of any kind, the starting price is high to begin with.

Quality Evaluation

We fear that our quality evaluation is not a realistic indicator as to what you can expect, because almost every case with the service is different. Basically, your paper quality will depend on the choice you will make for a writer, how long you will check writers’ portfolios, and how much you are willing to pay.

However, even though we cannot tell you what your experience will be, we can tell you that the portfolios on this site are not to be trusted. We selected a bidder with what we consider to be a very high bid. We chose this bidder for our essay because his portfolio was the best out of those who bid on our order.

And yet, the quality was below our expectations. The paper was solid, but far from worth the price we paid. The writer managed to add a whole page with content that was based on a very unreliable source, and some parts of the essay did not even relate to the topic we gave him.


Papers Owl allows its customers to initiate refund claims within 14 days when the page count is below 20, and within 30 days for orders that consist of more than 20 pages.

To get a refund, your written request must be made within a specific timeframe, and you should send evidence that your paper is not up to the required standards. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may receive a partial or total reimbursement.

Should the completed order fail to meet your expectations, you can seek free revisions from PapersOwl within three business days. During this time, make sure to send them a revision request.

Customer Support

When most of the job is left to the customer, a support service should be there to assist them in case something goes wrong. We did not believe we are entitled to a refund because the writer met the deadline and followed most of our requirements, but we did expect free revisions.

Unfortunately, the customer support agent managed to provide us with a revision, but 48 hours later. When we sent out our request for a free revision and explained our issue, the agent responded promptly and in a very pleasant manner. However, he could not reach the writer for two whole days, and did not offer to send our paper to someone else for a revision.

Finally, we got a revised paper that cost us nothing, but the revision was so poorly made, we believe the quality was worse, not better.

How to order at

The ordering procedure is straightforward and consists of the following steps:

You start by registering for an account with the company. You will do so by completing out an enrollment form.
After completing registration, you can proceed to place your first order. You will specify the topic, assignment category, and deadline on an order form. Additionally, you will choose your preferred author.

Afterwards, writers will bid on your assignment. You will peruse the profiles of the prospective writers for your order. Select the most qualified candidate and transfer the funds to their account so they can begin the writing process.
You can monitor the status of your order from beginning to end. Any Papers Owl review will tell you that the website enables you to communicate with your writer, thereby making the process transparent and eliminating the need for unnecessary revisions.
The writer will submit the entire order. You will acquire it and evaluate your satisfaction. If not you may request a revision. You may also choose to approve the order and complete the payment.

PapersOwl Reviews Online

While there are several glowing testimonials on their website, some provide accounts of papers with grammatical errors and content that was not satisfactory for the customer. These claims suggest that a certain level of quality control may be lacking in their services.

There doesn’t seem to be much independent feedback on PapersOwl. Their own website’s reviews of their writers were really positive, but it could not be verified elsewhere. That raised some red flags for us initially. We utilized this information to swiftly identify fraudulent review sites connected with PapersOwl and Boosta.

Don’t be a victim of scammers – to avoid being taken advantage of, do your research before using PapersOwl or any other writing service. Having the proper knowledge will help you protect yourself from these lying cheats.


Although this website has satisfied many customers, it doesn’t truly differentiate itself from the other essay writing services. Additionally, being a part of a company known for producing fake reviews further casts doubt on its legitimacy.

The company’s reputation as a reliable writing service has been negatively impacted due to their lack of ENL writers. Meeting deadlines is crucial, yet if the content is not up to standard, it is ultimately futile. Therefore, having a combination of both quality and punctuality should be their priority.


What is PapersOwl?

PapersOwlis is a writing service that provides academic assignment assistance to customers. Here, you can order an essay, a research paper, a speech, a bibliography, a dissertation, or any other assignment. There are more than 400 writers available for selection.

Is PapersOwl legit?

It is a legal service that belongs to Boosta Inc. Even though PapersOwl is a registered platform, its policies and terms are ambiguous to customers.

What is PapersOwl’s price?

Since PapersOwl uses a tendering system, there is no pricing policy information on the website. It means that writers establish their own prices, and you can choose a writer based on this information.

Is PapersOwl a scam?

Although there are numerous queries and complaints about the service, there is no evidence that it is fraudulent. PapersOwl delivers papers and does not vanish after a writer receives payment. Additionally, customer support administrators attempt to assist you whenever you encounter a problem.

Is Papersowl safe?

You can order and receive papers from PapersOwl, but there is no proof that your order will be completed on time. On the website, there is no information about deadlines and delivery terms. Moreover, it is difficult to locate the refund policy.

Papers Owl

Rated 1 out of 5
March 9, 2022

Despite the fact that many people criticize the site, I have worked with them as a writer. I am a doctor, and I offered the services as a side hustle. People ordering papers from Papersowl should be aware that the writers are paid $4 per page regardless of how much you pay, and that they deliver work that is worth that amount. The Papersowl website is only for ordering, whereas the writers respond through a variety of platforms such as,, and

The company sets the price, and after paying the writer $4 per page, they keep the rest of the money, so don’t go into the site thinking that the more you pay, the better the quality. Finally, the writers at are Kenyans. To be considered for a position as their writer, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree and be able to produce high-quality work; otherwise, you will be fired. You can always tell from the writer’s rating and statistics on the profile, and then set your expectations from there.


waste of time and money

Rated 1 out of 5
February 20, 2022

So, in a nutshell, I tried this out as a test. I requested a three-page essay on a relatively simple topic [architecture’s Baroque movement]. Despite the fact that I provided them with numerous reliable and extensive sources, the writer chose to use unknown and unreliable sources. They only gave me a two-page essay, with citations on the third page. In fact, the essay was a complete waste of time.