PaperHelp Review 2023

In this PaperHelp review, we’ll take a look at why this service is so convenient and reliable.

  • 😎 PaperHelp is an online writing service for American college students offering custom-written papers and editing services.
  • 📝 They claim to have a wide range of professional writers who can handle papers at various academic levels and subjects.
  • 📚 PaperHelp offers basic services such as academic writing, editing, and problem-solving, with additional options under different names.
  • 📱 The website mentions having an app, but the link to download it is not provided, making it hard to access.
  • 💲 The pricing for PaperHelp’s services is relatively affordable, but they have additional costs for elements that should be included in the standard service.
  • 📃 The quality of the paper received was generally good, with a well-structured essay and only a few formatting mistakes. 
  • 🚫 The communication process with writers feels automated, and there are no guarantees for poorly-graded assignments. 
  • Overall, PaperHelp is not a scam but has some legitimacy concerns and may not be the best choice if you want more transparency and guarantees.

The guys from this company will help you write a paper of any complexity. Whether you study at high school, a university or even work on your PhD at the moment, PaperHelp will serve you good. What is special about PaperHelp that makes it stand out among other services? Perhaps we can note a variety of discounts and very friendly support. When writing a paper, they strictly adhere to the assigned task and hand over the order on time. In addition to this, you are guaranteed the confidentiality of your personal data. By choosing PaperHelp, you can stay calm about your order. Return to your usual business, get the paper, and just hand it over to the professor when the time comes. Details about how PaperHelp writes papers and what are the offers are outlined in the review below.

💳 Price model✍️ Writer assigned
🚩 Year started📅 2008
🌎 Registration🇧🇬 Bulgaria
💵 Pricing😭 Expensive
📢 Reputation👌 Good
📱Apps✔️ Yes

PaperHelp Services Review

First of all, PaperHelp is a 100% legit service. The company has been operating since 2013. Their office is located in Duluth, Minnesota. A distinctive feature of PaperHelp is their adherence to a strict policy regarding handling customer data. The service is absolutely confidential, and therefore customers are guaranteed complete anonymity. The service is also honest in relation to its customers: if the client is not satisfied with the quality of paper, the money will be refunded.
At PaperHelp, you can get papers of any level of complexity. You can also order any topics: here you can find services from calculations in biophysics to essays in psychology. Both are performed equally well. PaperHelp employs specialists who can write papers for high school students, bachelor’s or master’s students, and even graduate students or future PhD’s. Here you can order:

  • an academic essay;
  • a research paper;
  • thesis writing;
  • a case study;
  • editing of a finished paper;
  • rewriting of a text;
  • grading of a finished paper.

The service is also good because here you can order not only texts. Contact PaperHelp if you need to solve a problem in physics or mathematics, write a report on statistics, or enrich your research with graphs and tables according to current standards. In addition, PaperHelp will prepare a PowerPoint presentation for you, draw up a business plan, or write a resume. Your paper will be written by a person who has at least 3 years of experience in the field you need.

PaperHelp Mobile App

Once we placed our order, we were able to monitor and manage it through their app, which was a feature that caught our attention. While the majority of essay writing services will contact you via email or their own portal, only a select few will enable you to manage your orders via a mobile application. We were eager to see how this application operated. Unfortunately, the website does not provide download instructions. We searched both Google Play and the Apple Store without success. A quick Google search yields almost no results, with the exception of an unofficial website where you can obtain the most recent version of the PaperHelp app, which was released in 2021. We were unable to activate the application. Now that this is out of the way, we can start our PaperHelp review.

Prices and Discounts Review

How much would you pay for your own peace of mind? Definitely more than what PaperHelp is asking for. For a quality order, they ask for a very reasonable price. The approximate cost of orders of varying complexity can be found in the table below.

Academic level Price
High school $10 per page
Undergraduate $13 per page
Bachelor $19 per page
Professional $21 per page

Of course, it is worth considering that you will need to pay for additional services. For an additional fee, you can choose a more experienced writer, order a plagiarism check, ask to write a list of references, table of contents, abstract, or order additional proofreading by the editor.

Type of additional service Price
Plagiarism Report $9.99
Preferred Writer Category (Basic, Advanced or Top) $14.99
Abstract Page $4.99
Table of Contents $9.99

PaperHelp also offers a nice bonus system, which includes:

  • 15% discount for new customers;
  • 5% discount for orders over $500;
  • 10% discount for orders over $1000.
  • Seasonal promocodes via emails

For convenience, the site has a calculator where it is possible to find out the cost of paper in advance along with all additional services.

How to order at

The online calculator available on nearly all of their pages is the most convenient instrument for placing an order. The required fundamental information is as follows:
– Service’s type: Writing, editing, and calculations
– Academic level: High school, Undergraduate, Bachelor, Professional
– Paper’s type: Essay, research paper, thesis statement, presentation, etc.
– Number of pages/words
– Deadline
Once you click “Proceed to Order,” you’ll be taken to a much more detailed form where you’ll need to provide the paper writer with all the additional information necessary to comprehend your assignment. You may choose between the brief and extensive forms to proceed. In both, you’ll need to include the essay’s topic and a concise description of what you need, attach all the necessary files such as the guidelines and grading rubric, and select the category of writer you wish to hire (more on this in the pricing section of this review).The primary distinction is that the extended form allows you to provide additional information and specifics, such as selecting the topic of your paper, the number of required sources, and the formatting style.
Since these details are essential and can affect how their team of writers reviews your request and matches you with the best writer, we believe that a short form is a poor choice. This form is the default when beginning a purchasing experience, which could result in many hurried students being unaware that they can provide additional information that could prevent problems in the future. Therefore, we strongly suggest completing the extended form. After submitting your request, you enter in to your account and make payment. Overall, we assign PaperHelp’s order process a score of 7 out of 10.It’s simple to fill out and allows you to include all the necessary information from the start, but by making their quick form the default, there is a possibility that you’ll bypass the complete form, where you can add more information and have better results.

Paperhelp Customer Support

When you request their services, the customer support team at will ensure you receive the assistance you deserve. The customer service team is available via live chat, phone, email, and Facebook Messenger around the clock. You can contact someone to obtain information regarding any work-related concerns.

If you need to communicate with someone or get an update on your order, you can call a helpline that is available around-the-clock. A live chat feature is useful if you have an imperative question. In addition, you can send a more detailed email to a website user if you have an urgent need regarding the project you desire to complete.

The website also features a FAQ section that provides answers to some of the most frequently asked inquiries. The website ensures that you will receive the assistance you require immediately.

Special Features Review

High-quality and inexpensive paper is, of course, a good thing of its own. And yet, the interaction with PaperHelp service does not end here. They offer very handy bonuses, thanks to which you will want to come here again. Interesting special features include:

  1. An option to choose your favorite author. It is very convenient when any service can be obtained in one place. And it’s especially good when your paper is written by a trusted author, thanks to whom you have already successfully submitted several papers.
  2. Checking the uniqueness of the paper. Even if the paper is not written by PaperHelp, here you can get an affordable report on the uniqueness of the paper. Additional insurance will add to your confidence in the delivery of paper.
  3. VIP support. You have your favorite authors, and PaperHelp has your favorite clients. VIP support is an instant response to any of your messages and a quick execution of all your requests for an order.
  4. Order of a review by the editor. The paper can be additionally checked by another specialist who will make sure that all the facts are stated correctly, the paper is formatted correctly and according to the requirements, and that there are no typos in it.

Guarantees offers multiple promises to ensure your satisfaction with the paper you receive:

The website guarantees that your order will remain completely private.
All papers are free of plagiarism, so you can submit your work with confidence.

If the website cannot locate a writer for your paper or if someone submits it late, you will receive a full refund.
You can also receive a 70 percent refund if you rescind your order before the deadline has passed by 50 percent. Likewise, the total falls to 50% after the midway point.

Online Reputation Review

On the Internet, you can find a lot of reviews about the service. Most customers praise PaperHelp. For example, at the time of writing this review, PaperHelp’s rating on Sitejabber was 4.4 out of 5. Users in the comments commend the service for good and fast customer support, and, of course, the high quality of papers. Some clients write that they are ready to return to order another paper.

Short  Paperhelp org review

The overall summary goes like this: PaperHelp is definitely worth ordering a paper. Interaction with the service leaves a pleasant impression. PaperHelp has a user-friendly website, a large selection of services, and low prices. Here you can place an order and calmly go about your day. Most people are pleased with:

  1. A simple order of paper in 4 stages. It takes no more than 10 minutes.
  2. Friendly customer support that is ready to answer a question at any time of the day or night.
  3. A variety of discounts and promotions – almost always an order can be made cheaper than the regular price;
  4. The ability to choose your favorite author or order VIP support. Very convenient for those who are looking for the perfect service and want to be absolutely calm about the quality of paper.
  5. Guaranteed anonymity. This is very important when ordering paper, and PaperHelp has proven its reliability in 10 years on the market.



Is PaperHelp Legit?

True, it is. The business is legally registered.

What is PaperHelp’s price?

The price of the papers begins at $12 per page. Prices vary based on project size, deadline, visual materials required, and additional services.

Is PaperHelp Scam?

No. Paperhelp is legitimate. It neither makes promises it cannot keep nor fails to compensate dissatisfied customers. We have not found any reviews claiming that it is involved in student misconduct.

Is PaperHelp Safe?

Due to advanced data encryption technologies, it is secure. Payments and financial information are secured.

Is PaperHelp Reliable?

Yes. The company is extremely trustworthy. It fulfills orders promptly. Customer testimonials indicate that promptness is their greatest strength.

Writers Fail to Follow instructions

Rated 2 out of 5
May 23, 2023

If I could rate PaperHelp with negative stars, I would. I paid PaperHelp $300 for a paper. I gave them four days to finish it. I essentially spoon-fed the “advanced” writer by supplying both the paper’s instructions and all of the necessary sources. The first draft I receive back does not contain any citations or annotations. In addition, they included information on topics I did not request for my paper. I instructed the writer to remove those topics and use the ones I supplied. That was revised, indeed. However, if they had read the instructions, they would have realized that they were required to cite certain information in this document, which they did not do. I communicated with the writer, who replied that it would cost extra because there would be two additional pages. Are you fooling me?! If they had initially read the instructions, they could have planned accordingly. I sent a message to the support employees, who were useless and barely spoke English. I explained the problem and received five seconds of silence in response. Then I was informed that I had to pay extra for the two pages. PaperHelp is fraudulent. Go somewhere else that employs American writers.

Consumer advice: avoid using PaperHelp. They label non-advanced writers as “advanced” I provided the writer with instructions and resources, but they continued to make errors, requiring me to repeatedly clarify what they were supposed to do. In addition, the writers are typically not located in the United States, so even if they are able to read and write in English, you will have to edit your paper for errors in grammar, terminology, etc. Lastly, this paper was incredibly pricey considering all of the problems I encountered.



Rated 1 out of 5
May 10, 2023

Yesterday I placed an urgent Order # ******* for a single Statistics query and paid $56. A writer (Writer ID #*******) assumed responsibility for my order. I gave the author 24 hours to respond to that one query. In the end, however, the author did nothing. The author read my message but chose to disregard me as well. After the deadline had passed, the writer simply fulfilled my order and fled.

I then contacted their customer service to register the complaint, but the writer was not punished. They then help me find a new writer, but the previous writer had already wasted 24 hours of my time, so the new writer has only about 3 hours to complete my assignment. In the end, the new writer was unable to complete my homework by the due date (11:55 p.m.), so I ended up submitting incomplete homework and submitting via email (in principle, mail submission is not permissible); I have no idea whether my professor will accept it or not.

Regardless, I contacted their support once more to complain that there is no option for customers to filter authors. Why is the previous writer who abused my assignment not punished? However, I was not given an explanation for this.

Guys, this means that if you place an order with them, some idiots may take your order but do nothing with it. This is a catastrophe! You cannot filter a decent writer; only a random writer will accept your order. And the writer will not be penalized if they do nothing after the deadline has passed.

Consider this: you set the deadline and expect a paper, but the writer escapes without consequence. If you receive a zero for this assignment, you may be forced to quit the course. Do you wish to continue using their service?

I’ve used them for three years, and I trust them. Their website was formerly called essaypro, and it was excellent. However, they now refresh their website. An awful policy. Customer cannot filter writer and has no recourse should the writer escape. This one task has broken my trust!



Rated 2 out of 5
May 5, 2023

This was the worst $80 I’ve ever spent on a piece of writing. It appears as though a fifth-grader penned it. There were so many grammatical errors in the 3-page paper that I was unable to use a single sentence. After I paid the $50, the order indicated it would be completed in 13 days, even though I had specified a three-day turnaround time. I responded that it could not be completed in three days, so they instructed me to transmit an additional $28. I did so, and I wish I could present the document to you. Avoid using the service. Your grade on your report will be an F. I expressed my dissatisfaction, and the company resolved the issue by crediting $28 towards my next purchase, which will never occur. They refused to refund my money.

Rene Wood

Zero academic references

Rated 1 out of 5
April 11, 2023

Zero academic references and the author had no understanding of strategic management! The essay resembled an article from a blog or a random website, and the most amusing joke was that it was a 5,000-word essay with nine references, the majority of which were either fabricated nonexistent references or a blog or a random website! Totally not worth the 250 GBP price tag!

The essay was neither academic nor related to academia because it was written in the manner of a random blog post! The writer had no knowledge of the subject and continued to tell stories in the case study section. This is a fraud. not falling for it



Rated 1 out of 5
March 15, 2023

This company is a complete scam. Avoid wasting your money. I provided the writers with a file containing all the necessary information for writing the paper and instructed them not to use the internet or any other outside sources, but rather to use only the file I provided because it contained the necessary notes. Both writers went online and altered the words of an article they found, believing that I wouldn’t notice because I had taken notes in the file so I would know precisely what to expect. Do not use this company because they duplicate and paste and alter the text online. They also refuse to issue a refund after defrauding the customer.