Students often order papers of various types. If you still haven’t tried it, you’ll probably want to see an unbiased review. You’re at the right place. 

The quality of a writing service shouldn’t be judged solely by its popularity. We’ve tried many websites of this type, so we can compare the quality that MyPaperWriter delivers to the quality of other services. We ordered an essay here. Are you interested to read about our impressions? 

MyPaperWriter Services Review

There are three main types of services at this website: academic writing, business writing, and editing. However, the website does not specify the exact types of content you can order within these categories. You have to access the order form and sign in with your email and contact information to carry on. Only then you’ll see what you’re able to order. 

This is not a huge problem, since My Paper Writer offers most types of content requested from students. However, it’s an inconvenience that makes many potential customers give up on the order. No one likes leaving contact information without being sure they will find what they are after.

Pricing and Discounts

The price chart is a bit complicated. The quotes per page are fine; they range between $17.55 and $47.73 per page for academic writing. The problem is with the deadlines. Instead of seeing a deadline of 10, 7, or 5 days, you’ll find flexible deadlines like 15+ days, 11-14 days, 9-10 days, 7-8 days, and so on. 

If, for example, you need your paper in 5 days, you’ll have to set the deadline of 4 days, since the option of 5-6 days wouldn’t be secure enough for you. This means that you’re actually paying a higher price.

Another problem: you won’t find a coupon or loyalty discounts here.

Paper Quality

Paying a higher price and having slight inconveniences during the ordering process may be justified solely if you’re getting extraordinary work. 

Is that the case here?

We ordered an essay from The area of study was geography, and we went for The History of Terrestrial Globes as the topic. We set the deadline of 9-10 days, and we got the paper in 10 days. This experience proved what we assumed: if there’s flexibility regarding the deadline, the writers will deliver the paper later rather than early.

As for the quality, it was a bit below average. Although it passed the plagiarism search engine test, the essay still looked like a Wikipedia page. It was original, but not unique enough… it just lacked character. 

We have to say that the customer support was classy and effective. The agents were always online and responded to our questions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get revisions. 

Short Review

So is legit? Yes; it’s a legit writing service that delivers what you need. However, the prices are slightly higher when you compare them to the competition, and the quality is not high enough to justify the extra cost.         

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