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Up until the point when we started researching about Evolution Writers, we had never come across the company name. This is not a popular service, so it is safe to assume that it either hasn’t been on this market for very long, or it simply isn’t good enough to gain some popularity.

Before we judge too quickly, we wanted to explore all the options that evolutionwriters.com offers to the target audience. As you know already, this is a writing company. When you open the website, you’ll learn that it also appears to be professional and real. How much of this is true and how trustworthy the service is, you’re just about to learn in this review.

A 100% Real Evolution Writers Review

Nowadays, you can hardly find reliable information on the web. There are the fake comments companies post to attract more audience and make you believe their company is the best thing you can find. There are marketing campaigns and tricks that look and sound so amazing, they’ll make you believe in almost anything. But, if you have been getting a product or service online in the past, you probably know it – not everything online is true.

That’s why we approach our reviews rather differently. We don’t just look at a website to determine if a company is real or good. So, after we checked the website of the evolution writers writing company, we proceeded by checking the remaining of their features and offers.

That being said, let’s begin with the services. This particular company we were looking at has plenty to offer in this sense.

Their many, many services are placed into several categories that include:
  • Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Homework help
  • Questions and problems
  • Admissions
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Typing
  • Other

Now, the majority of the papers found in these categories are offered everywhere, but some are much less common. For example, how many companies do you know of that offer typing services?

Is Evolution Writers Reliable?

For a writing company to be reliable, it can’t just offer a bunch of services and have a nice website. It has to actually deliver those papers and charge an acceptable amount for it.


Let’s start with the pricing. What kinds of prices are offered at EvolutionWriters.com?

The answer is – very low. In fact, based on what we know at this point, the prices are low to a point where this becomes concerning. Receiving professional help with academic tasks for less than $10 for a page is very uncommon on this market and usually occurs only when companies don’t work with native or experienced writers. In our experience, there are many such companies that have disappointed us with service or quality of content.

Just to give you some idea as to what we are talking about – an essay in two weeks costs $9.97 for a page. And don’t think this is a result of a loyalty program or a promo code – this is the price without the discounts added. To our surprise, we even found discounts. The discounts apply to orders of over $500 and $1000 and give you 5% or 10%, respectively.

Even though these discounts are hard to reach, it comes as a surprise that they even exist.

About the Evolution Writers – Writing Service

Evolution writer has provided very little information to interested visitors in terms of company information. They aren’t just vague about it, but don’t actually tell you anything. We’ve found only the smallest bit of information about where their seat is, which is still too general – they are located in the UK.

That’s all you can find on the website. There’s no year of establishment or anything that’d indicate how long they’ve been doing this. Of course, when we saw this, we looked at the testimonials online to see how far back they are dated. They showed us that this is a very new service and, unfortunately, not a very popular one.

Not many have shared their feedback outside of this website and those who did rarely had some great things to say. Interestingly, the testimonials on the actual site are quite the opposite.  

Our Experience with the Evolution Writers

Seeing how there’s little to find about this service and we couldn’t get much information from their well-designed site either, we chose to test them directly by ordering. So, we chose a research paper from that wide list of theirs and set a rather lengthy deadline of a week. The price was much better than what we are used to paying, but it did leave us concerned.

The concerns quickly turned into reality. There weren’t delays of any kind and we found no plagiarism, which is all very good considering that cheap companies often have these characteristics. But, we found various errors in terms of content quality, formatting, and even adherence to instructions, which was disappointing.

Basically, the paper was as good as you could expect for that low rate. We honestly did not expect to get some high expertise for a quote that went below $10 for a page of no less than academic content. Still, we don’t think that we’ll be using the service in the future considering that most students prefer to get great papers when they spend money online.

Final Words about Evolutionwriters.com

Based on all the things we described above, we have no doubts that this is a real service. They are probably new and definitely look suspicious because of the lack of key details about the company, but they do deliver content. Since you probably won’t be finding many comments about them on the web, you’ll appreciate our detailed feedback in terms of the papers quality they delivered. You can also discover another page, such as cheapessaysonline, to choose what you need.

Now, even though the company has its pros such as a fine services list and a good-looking website, they lack in terms of providing quality content and relevant information that would convince the audience that the company is actually real. We still have many things that are unclear about the company, but ordering from them has cleared up the most important thing – the quality here isn’t really remarkable.


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