Review Review – Reliable or Not?

It’s been a little over one year since started working as a professional service that offers to write an essay or any other paper for students. Or at least that is what the website of the writing help website says. We were a little bit concerned to find that comments don’t date as far as this, which would indicate that they haven’t been doing this for so long. Does this make the site any less trustworthy? Does this make scam?

We can’t base our rating only on how far back the testimonials go. This is why we proceeded with checking their features for this writing help review. Review of Services

A big list of services does not make legit or rates it as the best writing service, but it is a good start. At this point, we found no affiliate site, which means that this service is legit and safe to order from, and they don’t create fake websites to attract a bigger customer number.

However, we aren’t really happy with the service list. It’s big enough to make reliable, but if you need more specialized papers, you might not find them here. You can always check with their support and see if they can provide you with a paper that’s not in the list, but we can’t guarantee they’ll provide it. Also, if you can’t find it in the list, you won’t know what price they charge for it until you get their reply. Review of Prices has as low prices as bidding companies, which is strange for a service that doesn’t work with bids. prices are fixed and yet, they are pretty much the lowest you can find.

This does not make the service a cheat or illegal, but it kind of explains all those negative reviews for You can’t expect grand quality and papers without plagiarism for a price as low as $10 for a page. The prices can seem good and tempting, but this is definitely not a reliable pricing system for what should be a great quality service.

There isn’t a discount added to these prices, so they don’t go lower than this. Even without it, you’re still getting a really good offer. Unfortunately, the reviews that share issues with reliability and quality make the pricing the least of your concerns and the writer qualifications the biggest concern.

Is legit?  

There’s a lot of feedback about them seeing how cheap they are, even without a discount. However, the feedback is mostly negative. Only few in a group of many have rated this service highly. Most speak of bad papers and everyone complains about never getting a chargeback or a refund. Basically, most of the company’s customers believe that this is a cheat service that hides behind a nice facade and good prices.

Our Experience with the  

Our experience with the service was as we expected to be at this point – bad. They didn’t delay the paper as they did to some customers who wrote about that issue. However, they did to us what they do to most customers – assign an incompetent writer to our order.

This, of course, resulted in a paper that was less than worth its quote. It was really cheap, but we couldn’t use it anywhere. It makes for a bad investment in spite of the low rates.

Why do we say that the quality was bad? Well, first, there was a lot of plagiarism we found in the research paper. Second, there were so many mistakes, some parts of it made absolutely no sense. Third, the writer strayed from the topic and requirements so much, the paper did not even fit its topic.

This prompted us to take action and speak to their support. The support is really always available, but they aren’t good enough at handling this type of issue. They took too long to answer and never resolved our issues with the paper.

Conclusion is a really cheap, really attractive writing company. They use this to attract more customers to buy from them, but if you do, you should know that their reputation is really negative. Those low rates probably can’t allow them to cover the expenses for good writers, so they work with inexperienced and non-native writers. This results in bad or plagiarized content, which is the one feature a company cannot afford to go wrong with.