Essay Typer is an online writing instrument that assists students in composing their own assignments. It uses information from other sources, so it is susceptible to accusations of plagiarism. To avoid this danger, it is advisable to utilize paid services provided by qualified authors. This review will offer an objective evaluation of the service.


  • Service: essay generator
  • Price: free
  • Quality: copy-paste
  • Guearantees and Support: NO

essay typer reviews is a tool that provides virtual and automatic writing help. Students can use this software to deal with any essay topic. They technically don’t need to write anything other than main keywords. All the necessary information is used to generate texts on a variety of themes. The EssayTyper software searches the Internet for relevant materials and provides sentence variations. Because the algorithm generates acceptable sentences and even paragraphs, this strategy makes essay writing easier.

EssayTyper Review Of Services

All you have to do is type the subject to generate your own essay, dissertation, coursework, or term paper. There is a wide range of topics to choose from. Of course, Essay Typer is a generator, thus its free version is not a professional service that uses paid authors, but instead compiles web content. Consequently, their free writing consists primarily of copy-pasting.

You may like using this tool, and it can be helpful if you’re stuck on an essay and need some ideas. The quality depends on how you begin and progress. If you require more detailed assistance with your essay, this is not a good option. Treat Essaytyper as a simple tool to use when you’re stuck for words or need some appropriate academic phrases to make your essay sound more professional.

According to our investigation, EssayTyper does rely heavily on Wikipedia as a key source of knowledge. If you order an essay from one of the many online writing services, you can relax knowing that it will be prepared by real people. Professional essay writers are capable of producing high-quality academic documents. As a result, cannot be recommended to students until the functioning of this online resource, as well as other parameters for creating original texts, is improved.

Essay Typer Review Of Pricing

Essay Typer does not charge for its services. Nobody expected it to be charged because you can’t do much on the page. You can simply read the ready-made essay they have found for you online and make no amendments. Plus, in order for the words to appear, you’d have to click on the keywords hundreds of times. The options at the top of the page, which appear to be an empty word document, are purely decorative. Using these won’t help you write your paper.

Design and Usability

It is difficult to characterize the EssayTyper website as a useful resource given its design. Although they do not sell written content, they will assist you with your entire assignment or project. This online tool was created by a single developer, and it remains unclear whether it was intended as a prank or as a serious writing aid for students. Is EssayTyper legit? True, it is. Is it created with a serious purpose in mind? No, it’s not.

EssayTyper Guarantees and Support

Essay Typer makes no promises about the quality or plagiarism-free nature of its services. Customers are advised not to utilize the texts given for academic reasons, mostly due to plagiarism, according to a disclaimer on the website. review

As is the case with the majority of free tools, the user cannot truly be considered a customer, and hence customer service is given no attention. It would be ridiculous to expect a separate toll-free phone number, live chat, or even an email address where tool users may ask queries about the service.

The developer, on the other hand, was kind enough to provide his Twitter account on the website. So, all of the help you can get is in the form of tweets, which are, as you may know, rather restricted in volume. Only 140 characters can be used to ask a question and receive a response. The Twitter account, on the other hand, is not inactive, and the creators, to their credit, make their best to respond to any questions.

EssayTyper Pros and Cons

Every writing tool has its pros and cons. Some EssayTyper reviews online indicate a few benefits of its using, but there are many reasons to avoid it.


  • Essaytyper produces instant content once you key in your topic.
  • It is free to use unlike other custom writing website that demands more money to get your essay done.
  • It serves as a guide for students who are stack with their assignments.


  • The content generated by essaytyper is not entirely public.
  • The website lacks a support staff to respond to user inquiries.
  • Some non-Wikipedia topics are not generated by the website.
  • All of the site’s content is plagiarized and cannot be used for grading.

Short Essay Typer Review

EssayTyper won’t be very useful to students who need help with writing essays. The best way to get the most of EssayTyper is to learn how to create essays on one’s own. This online service is a tool for learning how to properly write essays. While EssayTyper saves time, customers may get a text of questionable quality, jeopardizing students’ academic performance. As a result, it is not a good idea to use this AI writing tool for educational purposes.


What exactly is EssayTyper?
EssayTyper is not a legitimate online writing service. Instead, it is regarded as an online writing instrument intended to assist students in writing their own assignments.

Is EssayTyper reliable?
EssayTyper is a dependable instrument for practicing writing. But if you have a serious assignment to complete, EssayTyper will provide you with irrelevant content.

Is EssayTyper fake?
EssayTyper is not a fake tool, but when it was first made, it was just a way for students to try to get their work done faster. Due to numerous limitations and a lack of functionality, this online service cannot be regarded as a reliable academic writing resource.

Is EssayTyper legit?
EssayTyper cannot be considered a reliable online writing resource. Although it was designed as an innovative and beneficial mechanism, no mention is made of the security measures implemented. As long as it does not charge for’samples’ and does not contain advertisements, it can be presumed to be a legitimate online resource devoid of commercial purposes.

What is EssayTyper’s price?
EssayTyper is an entirely free resource that is accessible to everyone.

Is EssayTyper safe?
EssayTyper is enjoyable to use, but you must sign in with one of your social media accounts. They do not disclose your information to the general public, so it is secure to provide them with some of your personal information.

Is EssayTyper free of plagiarism?
EssayTyper is a free online service that provides content that is not completely original. The website’s content is generated from other online resources. Consequently, the likelihood of plagiarism is quite high. EssayTyper should ideally be utilized as a guide rather than as an efficient essay writing service.

EssayTyper scam?
EssayTyper does not appear to be a scam, but it should not be taken seriously. Widespread limitations and poor functionality make it appear to be a tool for writing practice rather than one for academic use.

Are EssayTyper discounts available?
Given that EssayTyper is free, there are no prices or discounts listed.

Is EssayTyper legal?
EssayTyper is hardly a lawful resource on the Internet. Despite being designed as an innovative and beneficial tool, no information is provided regarding the security measures implemented.



Rated 3 out of 5
October 2, 2021

EssayTyper is not an essay writing service at all! Why would you be so naive as to trust something that was made as a joke?


ctrl-c ctl-v straight out of Wiki

Rated 1 out of 5
September 5, 2021

Essaytyper types everything from Wikipedia. And as a result, nothing in the essay made sense. Teachers will easily catch you if they looked up your topic point on the internet.