Review offers a wide array of different writing services, including essay writing help, but they also write admission essays, dissertations, honors theses, academic assignments, reports, and so on. While they do really offer all of these services, their website leaves much to be desired, because you will have a really hard time trying to find more details about all of their services. Instead of creating a separate page for it, they have put everything on their Free Inquiry page, which most people won’t even bother to open. Since most students looking for essay help need it quickly, this will only add to their troubles.

Essay Tigers Quality Review

Judging by the good reviews online this writing service has gathered, the quality of their essays and papers is outstanding. Based on our experience, their writing is very good, but when factor in their prices, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be able to pay that sort of money for a piece of academic writing. Their essay writers are good, there is no doubt about it, but their rates are overblown. The papers are free of grammar and spelling errors, the sentence structure is good, and they research the topics fairly well, which is a plus.

Is Essay Tigers Legit?

Essaytigers are a fairly reliable assignment writing service, as we haven’t been able to find an outstanding number of negative reviews about its reliability. The essay we have ordered from them was delivered on time, as well, which indicated that a capable essay writer was handling our order. But, you will pay top dollar for this sort of reliability with this essay writing service with this company.

Essaytigers Prices Review

Essaytigers has its flaws which prevent it from being the best writing service, but adding to the problem even further is the jaw-dropping price of their papers, and we don’t mean that in a good way. For the sort of money they are charging, we expect nothing but perfection, and while the quality of their work is good, it is a far cry from being perfect. Considering the fact that college students are the ones seeking writing help, it is unreasonable to expect them to pay this sort of money. The cheapest page cost as much as $10 here, and that’s for an essay order several weeks in advance, and the price keeps on rising up to $56 if you want a high-quality essay delivered urgently.

Special Offers

Seeing as their assignment writers and their services are already steep, you would expect to find some sort of discount or special offer here. Sadly, that is not the case here, as their discounts are purely symbolic. Also, you will be charged some of the stuff you would get for free with other writing companies, such as plagiarism reports, or abstracts. Although you will come across reviews applauding them for their discounts, know that there is very little truth in these.

Short EssayTigers Review

Essaytigers is an overly expensive essay service that delivers good work, but even then, the prices of their papers are just a tad too much for most people to afford. While you will be able to find a qualified assignment writer there, there is really no justification for the prices on this website. If you also consider the fact that you will waste time trying to locate a particular service, this service is not exactly the best choice. The quality and the reliability are good, but everything else needs improvement.

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