The Essaysoft website, unlike any other traditional writing service, does not write essays for students. This sounded strange to us at first, but after a quick search on the website, we realized what the company is all about. If you’re wondering if Essaysoft is legitimate, the answer is yes. However, if you assumed it was a writing firm, the answer is no.

This is software that assists students in writing essays. So, basically, you pay to use software that generates phrases, words, assists with research, and so on. When you pay EssaySoft, you do not place an order and then wait for it to be completed by a writer. In fact, as soon as we began this Essay Soft review, we discovered that they do not have any actual people working on essays.


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EssaySoft Review of Services

We’ll start this Essay Soft service review by providing an overview of the services available here. On their website, you can choose from the following services:

  • Essay Master is a program that assists you with research, rewriting, and referencing.
  • When you enter your ideas into the Essay Generator, it will generate an essay for you.
  • Essay Rewriter reworks your or other people’s ideas into something you can use in an essay.
  • Essay Researcher who collects the information required to write an essay
  • Bibliography for an essay that aids in referencing

An essay shuffler that shuffles sentences without changing their wording.
As you can see, this isn’t your typical essay writing service. It’s actually a computer software that assists you while you write your essay. It can be useful, but it does not take over or write your essay for you.

EssaySoft Review of Prices

You can use the software in your browser or download each of their services individually. Regardless of which option you select, using the software is not free. In fact, the prices for automated software that only assists with essay writing are higher than we expected.’s monthly plan costs $9.95. Their annual plan costs $69.95. If you really like it, you can pay $99.95 and keep using it indefinitely. Still, offering a lifetime plan is a bit of an exaggeration for software that has only been around for a couple of years. Based on the website’s poor reputation and the testimonials we read, it may be best to avoid the most expensive plan in case their software does not stay online for an extended period of time.

Their website does not specify, but after paying their monthly fee, we were given the option to select any of their services. The price is unaffected by the type of essay, academic level, length of your paper, and so on. This is bad news because the software is obviously not programmed to write essays for various levels, specific requirements, or even different types.

So, to answer your next question, ‘how good is essaysoft?’, the answer is decidedly negative. When we used it, it simply pointed out spelling errors, relied on a simple Google search for research, and made our writing process more difficult, not easier.

EssaySoft Review of Features

There are no features on the website other than the option to download the software. As previously stated, the software takes the form of the aforementioned services. As a result, you can either download or use each of these software types in your browser.

We discovered that the software is very simple and not very useful after experimenting with the website’s’services.’ It performs basic Google searches that you can do yourself, detects basic spelling and grammar errors, and uses automatic categorization as their bibliography service.

EssaySoft Review Summary

Our final conclusion is simple: we do not recommend EssaySoft. Even all of the other EssaySoft reviews on the internet advise against using their services. The main reasons are as follows:

  • The writing appears to be mechanized.
  • It is not a legitimate writing service.
  • Plagiarism is prevalent.

Yes, because it is a summary of previously published articles online, you will receive writing that is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

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