This EssayShark review is about an academic writing service that has a few benefits, but they are not sufficient to outweigh the service’s flaws. Essay Shark isn’t the worst essay writing service we’ve ever used, but it doesn’t offer enough benefits that make it worth recommending.

Essayshark is a popular essay writing service, and you can find numerous Essayshark reviews online. Our research indicates that not all of these reviews are authentic and genuine, as some of them were pre-ordered by the company’s marketing department in an effort to boost sales. To manage this situation and provide students with the opportunity to learn about the company’s true nature

EssayShark Review of Services

In addition to numerous other custom writing services, Essay Shark helps you write academic papers of various types and levels, including high school essays, college essays, academic essays, theses, admission essays, term papers, CV services, presentations, research papers, and reviews of all types. Additionally, you may request that they edit or proofread your paper. These services are also available. Additionally, consider using one of the assignment writing services.

Bidding System at Essay Shark

What does this mean? All of this is clearly described on the website. The site named is a bidding site. They don’t take over your task and hand it to a writer they find suitable. Instead, they let their writers bid and their customers choose the writer themselves. This can be as interesting as it sounds and the system is known to have its pros and cons. If you are interested in finding the writer yourself, keep reading this review on essay

Our Essay Shark Review – Real Source of Information!

You must have so many questions, especially if you have ordered online before. Online shops made many things possible for us people and gave us more shopping options than ever, but they also brought on many of the risks we didn’t have with traditional purchases. The same applies here – you must be wondering what are the companies that you can trust and what are the ones you cannot. That being said, is Essays Shark one of the good ones or the bad ones?

That’s what this review serves to show you. Let us help you by providing you with all the information you need to make a good decision. Firstly, let’s start with the best essay writing services you can get here.

This particular service has a rather rare ordering system that allows it to offer – well, everything. Since they don’t take responsibility over choosing the writer, they don’t guarantee you’ll find one. However, their reputation says that they’ve got many writers and bidders for all orders. So, at this point, it is safe to say you can find a writer here for any paper you need.

Is Essay Shark Reliable?

Being reliable as a writing company can mean many things, including:

  • that the company delivers actual, custom content in return for money
  • that they write good content that’s worth the investment you make
  • that they charge good rates that you can actually afford

Naturally, your goal should be to find a reliable one that has it all. So, after looking at the services, we’d like to discuss with you the next most important thing – prices.  

EssayShark Review of Prices

We have found from ordering at that, prices are very, very debatable here. In other words, they aren’t fixed. Since the company works with bidding, you pay what you choose to pay. But, generally speaking, most bids here are extremely low. The competition probably makes writers want to offer a lower rate to get a gig, so it seems that this is one of those companies where you can spend only a couple bucks for a paper.

But, seeing how low prices usually bring bad news in terms of quality of services, we’d be very careful when choosing the writer and rate.

The Story Behind the Essay Shark Writing Service

What’s the story about Essay Shark, really? Their ‘about us’ page doesn’t say much. For example, they say they’ve been working for over 10 years, but there isn’t a specific year of establishment. Feedback on the Web dates back only a couple of years, so we aren’t quite sure that this information is real. In fact, the same feedback we read on different pages is so much different from the one on the actual website of the company, that we are wondering if they choose what comments to publish and what not to.

How to order at

EssayShark is, according to our research on the top bidding services, one of the most popular options among high school and college students. Customers are provided with tools to effortlessly manage their orders from the initial step to the final one.

However, the issue with purchasing platforms such as EssayShark is that they cannot offer fixed rates for their services. There is neither a price calculator nor a dedicated pricing schedule on their website. To receive an estimate of the cost of your paper, you must first create an account with them using your email address. You will then be directed to a four-step ordering procedure:

First, create a new order. Complete the transaction information for the following:

Subject Type of Paper Discipline
Deadline Format/Citation
APA Version
Type of Service Instructions for Academic-Level Papers
Sending Files
Optional: If you are a returning customer, you can request a particular writer for your assignment. You can also let EssayShark do the searching for you by clicking on ‘Writer Finder’; the system will identify the best writer based on the discipline or topic you specify.

Placing an order on the website.
Step two: locate a writer. After confirming your order details, you can select a writer from a list based on their projected rates, writing experience, and qualifications.

selecting an essay writer on
Step 3: Set aside funds. After selecting a writer, you can deposit funds into your balance account so the writer can immediately begin working on your assignment.

Step four is to monitor the progress. Due to the fact that customers have an open line of communication with their chosen writer, you can ask any questions while your order is in progress, evaluate your writer, and receive real-time updates on the progress of their work.

Due to the nature of their business model, is unable to offer consumers regular discounts. If you want to save money on your orders, you must discuss it directly with your writer. Occasionally, they offer discounts to first-time customers via email-delivered promotional codes, but if you want to save money on your orders, you must discuss it with your writer.

Our Experience with

To make this essay shark review the most reliable it can be, we did our own, actual research. How? We ordered a paper. Basically, we invented paper requirements and sent out the form to writers to bid on it. The process of ordering is rather simple – you add the information and wait. Waiting shouldn’t take very long because we started getting bids almost instantly. But, if you want to get more bids before you decide and check those bids to make a better choice, which comes highly recommended with this type of services, you should be prepared to spend some valuable time on this.

This is one of the reasons why these companies aren’t very popular among those who need rushed orders. The process takes time, but once we placed our order and checked all bids, we found a great writer at a rate that was quite unbelievable, really. It was way lower than anything we’ve paid for good content by that point, but the writer looked very, very promising.

However, now that we’ve ordered, we can say that the profiles aren’t very realistic. The company probably doesn’t focus too much on screening the writers and checking if they provide real information. For example, the paper we got at a relatively cheaper rate than usual came on time, but it was far from good. Much less than we expected from the writer we selected to write it.

Still, the deadline options seem to be safe because the company guarantees timely delivery. And, because the paper wasn’t as good as we expected, they did approve one free revision. It didn’t suffice to get it fixed and it took them a lot of time to deliver on this, but at least they offered it.

Customer Support

Unlike the majority of other popular essay writing services, EssayShark does not offer live chat customer service. We view this as a major disadvantage, as chat allows users to quickly obtain assistance when required. There is a Support section in your personal profile if you are already a registered Essay Shark customer, but this option is unavailable to guests. Additionally, you can communicate with customer support via correspondence. Another disadvantage of the service is the lack of a phone number to call for emergency assistance. We find it hard to believe EssayShark’s claim that the average response time for customer requests is six minutes, particularly when contacting support via email. There are a number of social media icons at the bottom of the website, but when we examined Essay Shark’s social media profiles, we found them to be quite unimpressive. EssayShark’s Facebook and Instagram pages have not been updated in almost six months, so not only will you not find any new or relevant information there, but you should also not expect a fast response from the company’s social media representatives.

Final Words about Essay Shark

What do you think about the company? They seem legit since the process actually works, but the feedback we came across is so varied, it seems that those comments on their website are handpicked or intentionally written to attract you. No one can guarantee that you’ll select a good writer or that the writer will provide all real information when they place the bid. This might be one of those very few companies with different price options, most very low, but are you ready to take the risk? 

FAQs regarding EssayShark

Is EssayShark legitimate?

– Although EssayShark is a well-established essay writing service with direct communication options, its legitimacy is dubious due to a large number of negative reviews and low ratings (2.25/5). Our firsthand contact with this service raises concerns regarding the quality of papers delivered and the use of low-cost foreign writers.

Is EssayShark trustworthy?

– EssayShark’s reliability is questionable based on customer feedback indicating problems with meeting deadlines and delivering satisfactory papers.

Is EssayShark a safe website?

The safety of using EssayShark is questionable, as customers have had difficulty receiving refunds for subpar work.

Is EssayShark a scam?

Although there is no conclusive evidence that EssayShark is a scam, the overall negative feedback and substandard quality raise doubts about the service’s legitimacy.

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