Did you just come across the essay shark writing service? We have done this just recently and were rather intrigued to learn more. At first impression, the website looks like most companies on the same market, the market for selling academic papers. But, after a very short research of their site, we discovered that there’s more to it – this company is one of the few that have a different principle of taking orders.

Bidding System at Essay Shark

What does this mean? All of this is clearly described on the website. The site named essayshark.com is a bidding site. They don’t take over your task and hand it to a writer they find suitable. Instead, they let their writers bid and their customers choose the writer themselves. This can be as interesting as it sounds and the system is known to have its pros and cons. If you are interested in finding the writer yourself, keep reading this review on essay shark.com.

Our Essay Shark Review – Real Source of Information!

You must have so many questions, especially if you have ordered online before. Online shops made many things possible for us people and gave us more shopping options than ever, but they also brought on many of the risks we didn’t have with traditional purchases. The same applies here – you must be wondering what are the companies that you can trust and what are the ones you cannot. That being said, is Essays Shark one of the good ones or the bad ones?

That’s what this review serves to show you. Let us help you by providing you with all the information you need to make a good decision. Firstly, let’s start with the best essay writing services you can get here.

This particular service has a rather rare ordering system that allows it to offer – well, everything. Since they don’t take responsibility over choosing the writer, they don’t guarantee you’ll find one. However, their reputation says that they’ve got many writers and bidders for all orders. So, at this point, it is safe to say you can find a writer here for any paper you need.

Is Essay Shark Reliable?

Being reliable as a writing company can mean many things, including:

  • that the company delivers actual, custom content in return for money
  • that they write good content that’s worth the investment you make
  • that they charge good rates that you can actually afford

Naturally, your goal should be to find a reliable one that has it all. So, after looking at the services, we’d like to discuss with you the next most important thing – prices.  


Prices are very, very debatable here. In other words, they aren’t fixed. Since the company works with bidding, you pay what you choose to pay. But, generally speaking, most bids here are extremely low. The competition probably makes writers want to offer a lower rate to get a gig, so it seems that this is one of those companies where you can spend only a couple bucks for a paper.

But, seeing how low prices usually bring bad news in terms of quality of services, we’d be very careful when choosing the writer and rate.

The Story Behind the Essay Shark Writing Service

What’s the story about Essay Shark, really? Their ‘about us’ page doesn’t say much. For example, they say they’ve been working for over 10 years, but there isn’t a specific year of establishment. Feedback on the Web dates back only a couple years, so we aren’t quite sure that this information is real. In fact, that same feedback we read on different pages is so much different from the one on the actual website of the company, we are wondering if they choose what comments to publish and what not to.

Our Experience with EssayShark.com

To make this review the most reliable it can be, we did our own, actual research. How? We ordered a paper. Basically, we invented paper requirements and sent out the form to writers to bid on it. The process of ordering is rather simple – you add the information and wait. Waiting shouldn’t take very long because we started getting bids almost instantly. But, if you want to get more bids before you decide and check those bids to make a better choice, which comes highly recommended with this type of services, you should be prepared to spend some valuable time on this.

This is one of the reasons why these companies aren’t very popular among those who need rushed orders. The process takes time, but once we placed our order and checked all bids, we found a great writer at a rate that was quite unbelievable, really. It was way lower than anything we’ve paid for good content by that point, but the writer looked very, very promising.

However, now that we’ve ordered, we can say that the profiles aren’t very realistic. The company probably doesn’t focus too much on screening the writers and checking if they provide real information. For example, the paper we got at a relatively cheaper rate than usual came on time, but it was far from good. Much less than we expected from the writer we selected to write it.

Still, the deadline options seem to be safe because the company guarantees timely delivery. And, because the paper wasn’t as good as we expected, they did approve one free revision. It didn’t suffice to get it fixed and it took them a lot of time to deliver on this, but at least they offered it.

Final Words about Essay Shark

What do you think about the company? They seem legit since the process actually works, but the feedback we came across is so varied, it seems that those comments on their website are handpicked or intentionally written to attract you. No one can guarantee that you’ll select a good writer or that the writer will provide all real information when they place the bid. This might be one of those very few companies with different price options, most very low, but are you ready to take the risk? Also, you might be interested in our masterpapers review.

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