EssayGenius AI Review

EssayGenius is marketed as an essay writing tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps students write superior essays in less time. With promises to generate essay structures and provide a minimal layout, it appears to be an attractive solution. Upon closer examination, it is evident that EssayGenius falls short of its claims. In this review, we will examine the product’s features, performance, and overall efficacy to determine whether or not it is worth the price.

Bad Design and Grammatical Errors
EssayGenius’s non-intuitive interface is one of its primary drawbacks. It is difficult to locate the desired features or options because the interface is cluttered and navigation is unclear. Frequently, users waste time attempting to figure out how to use the instrument properly, which defeats the purpose of saving time.

In addition, EssayGenius asserts that its content is grammatically correct, but it frequently makes errors. The majority of the automatically generated essays contain syntax errors, improper word choices, and unusual sentence structures. This undermines the credibility of the tool and forces users to spend additional time amending and proofreading the generated content.

Checker for Plagiarism and Word Limit Restrictions
Although EssayGenius’s plagiarism checker is nearly adequate, it is not flawless. Users have reported instances where the tool failed to accurately detect instances of plagiarism. Students who rely on EssayGenius to help them create original and authentic essays face a significant risk as a result.

A further limitation of EssayGenius is its word count restriction. The tool imposes a word restriction that is frequently insufficient for comprehensive and well-developed essays. This constraint will prevent students from writing comprehensive and well-organized papers, resulting in incomplete or insufficiently elaborated content.

How to Use AI Essay Genius

Wondering what Essay Genius AI is? To use EssayGenius AI, please adhere to these steps:

  • Select the type of essay you wish to create
  • Choose pertinent prompts or modify them to your specifications
  • Provide any additional essay instructions or requirements
  • Create the essay’s content based on the provided prompts and instructions

EssayGenius Prices Review

Despite its initial allure, EssayGenius is a poor financial investment. Design flaws, grammatical errors, an unreliable plagiarism checker, and a word limit constrain its effectiveness significantly. Students searching for a dependable and effective AI writing tool would do well to investigate alternatives that provide superior performance and functionality.

Short EssayGenius Review

EssayGenius falls short of its claims of assisting students in writing superior essays in less time. Its non-intuitive design, grammar errors, insufficient plagiarism checker, and word limit restrictions make it a subpar option for students seeking essay writing assistance. In light of the drawbacks and limitations, it is prudent to investigate alternative instruments that provide more dependable and effective solutions.


Can EssayGenius fully write my essays?

Yes, Essay Genius is capable of creating high-quality essays based on the topics and questions you provide. Essay Genius will take care of everything else after you provide the necessary information.

What premium features does Essa Genius offer?

The premium plan of Essay Genius includes a plagiarism checker, an elaborator tool, up to a hundred pre-written essays on a wide range of topics, and more!

Is EssayGenius AI Free?

Yes! There is a complimentary plan available for Essay Genius if you want to immediately begin using its features to write your essays.

What are the alternatives to EssayGenius?

There are numerous alternatives to EssayGenius mentioned in this post, but EssayPro is our top choice for essay writing services.

Can EssayGenius write my English papers?

Yes, Essay Genius can also create essays on topics such as Science, Math, and History, among others!

How does EssayGenius work?

Essay Genius utilizes GPT-3 neural networks to generate high-quality essays based on the topic and query requirements.

Exists an instrument for editing in EssayGenius?

Yes, you can use its proofreading and editing tools to ensure that your essay is written in flawless English once it has been generated.