Essay Writer Review
Essay Writer Review

Essay Writer Review

Essay Writer Review – Reliable or Not?

By this point, we have never found another paper service that has as much as 90000 writers working for them. Essaywriter even claims that they’ve scanned each writer who works for them. This seems virtually impossible and we don’t see how they manage to keep track of all their employees.

Even so, has survived on the market for several years at this point. Even though they have the greatest number of people who write papers we’ve seen, the site always shows a really low number of online writers. Every time we opened it, 300 writers were online. Also, for a professional service that has employed as many people, writing 200 papers every day is a very low number.

These numbers are strange, but they are no reason for us to think that Essay writer is fake or scam. They don’t appear trustworthy with the unrealistic numbers, but the service might still be legit and reliable in terms of quality. To learn more about this, read our essay writer review.

Is Legit? What Services Do They Provide?

This is a bidding company, which doesn’t make essaywriter fake or illegal. In fact, we learned that their services are as safe and legit as any others online. We wouldn’t give it as high a rating as the best writing paper services, but when it comes to reliability, the company guarantees delivery when you pay one of their writers some money.

Unlike the traditional companies like the one in this Bestessay review, doesn’t choose a writer for a customer. They don’t even check your order. Online writers do and they bid with a price they find suiting for their services. They don’t seem to have an affiliate site either, which makes legit.

However, the thing that lowers the essaywriter rating is the quality and the issue with chargeback. Apparently, the writing service will charge you for any essay. If you don’t think is good or find plagiarism in it, you aren’t entitled to a refund. The only case where they refund customers is if they don’t receive a paper. Both ways, you are risking a lot.

Of course, this doesn’t make essaywriter fraud. There isn’t such a thing as discounts, but you can literally order a paper at a price you agree and pay exactly that for the service. No one has reported hidden fees or other kinds of cheat tricks. Prices

Even though you can’t get a discount at this service like you can in companies such as the one in this WiseEssays review, the prices are really attractive here. In fact, even without discounts, the company has better prices that companies who have all kinds of discounted offers.

It all depends on what you choose as a bid. You’ll get different bids but, in our experience, they’ll all be really low. When you see the qualifications of writers who are supposed to be scanned thoroughly, you’ll wonder why such writers would bid with quotes that are less than $10 for a page. We even got a bid of $13 for a paper for Master’s level and a deadline of 3 days, which you can hardly find elsewhere.

Is Essaywriter Safe? Is There Some Feedback on the Web?

There’s plenty of feedback on the web seeing how this is an extremely cheap service. It’s tempting to be able to choose the price every time you order. You’ll base this on your abilities and your budget. However, the comments we read share many bad stories about people who trusted the writers’ profiles and were scammed as a result. Also, the topic of plagiarism is too frequent in the testimonials of customers online.

Our Experience with Essay Writer – Is Essaywriter Scam or Not?

Our experience was similar to that of others who shared their stories on the web. The writer we picked came on with a really low price. He was supposed to be a highly skilled, really experienced, and educated writer. His profile presented him as a Master degree professional with six years of experience in writing our kind of papers. He even said he had a lot of experience in our field of study.

That kind of a person could not have written the terrible piece of content we received. It wasn’t plagiarized completely, but it had some sentences that our scanner instantly marked as copied. This wasn’t the biggest issue since it was only few sentences. The problem was the overall quality which did not fit the qualifications of the writer we thought we were choosing and wasn’t good enough for our requirements.

Conclusion isn’t a popular service in spite of their extraordinary rates and offers. They work on a bidding principle and you’re the one to choose the price you’ll pay. However, you must be really careful about choosing their writers since it is widely known that they don’t scan their qualifications as thoroughly as they claim on the website.