EssayPro Review
EssayPro Review

EssayPro Review

This EssayPro review, in contrast to many other EssayPro reviews you may have read, has been painstakingly written — based on our extensive research into this essay writing company — to provide you with all of the information you need to place your first order with them and have your assignments completed with plenty of time to spare.

EssayPro Reviews – Reliable or Not?

Essay Pro is a legit paper writing service that offers professional help to students that need some. Their price is among the lowest you can see, which makes it obvious why most wonder about the same thing: is essaypro real or fake?

EssayPro service isn’t illegal or scam. This doesn’t instantly indicate that it’s reliable and trustworthy, but it is a good start for this essaypro review. We also didn’t find an obvious affiliate site they use to cheat more people to order their essay services. In terms of payment and personal information, the reliability is high. This means that you can use the safe payment system and not worry about them scamming you.

We have still to establish the answer to the question: is essay pro trustworthy and can we rate it as one of the top essay writing services?

Is Essay Pro Legit? What Services Do They Provide?

What is essaypro? This is a company that offers to write or check and edit a customer’s academic paper at a set price. It has been doing this for over one decade at this point, which answers the question: is essaypro scam? It might not be one of the top choices based on rating and quality, but the essaypro company is definitely not a scam service.

There are three kinds of services at writing, rewriting and editing. This starts as a limited list of choices since we found no services like copywriting or even proofreading.  

The rest of the services at the company are not limited at all. In fact, when it comes to writing papers, they have a really big list of choices. These go from essays to research papers, and include some specialized projects like plans, reviews, reports, presentations, etc.

EssayPro Price Review

The price system here is very different from what we see in most companies. Bidding is becoming a very popular practice with these kinds of services. Unlike companies like the one in this review who have set prices and choose the writer for their customers, the Essaypro company has a price system based on customers’ choice.

This means that you can get no discount there no matter how often you order. You have to be the one to choose the writer, no matter how long this will take you. This also allows for some of the lowest prices you can find online, which is what makes the system really attractive to students. In fact, we got bids that went below $10 for a page. This is half of what high-rated companies charge for their service.

So, even without an essaypro discount, you can still pay much less than with a service that has a good loyalty program. However, ordering here looks really risky since they have no guarantees for chargeback or refund and the rating is really low on the web.

Essaypro Online Reputation Review

There’s a lot of feedback on the web, which is expected with this kind of a company. It can be really tempting for a student to be able to choose the price he’ll pay, especially if the service does not limit bidders to a reasonable quote.

But, out of all that feedback, most of it is negative. There are simply too many comments that speak of plagiarism and a writer whose qualifications aren’t as they are showed on the website. This would mean that, in spite of the nice idea of a bidding system, the company did not perform its duty to check the writers’ background or they don’t spend enough time to focus on their customer satisfaction.

Our Experience with the Essaypro Writing Service

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By the point when we finally chose a writer and ordered, we were already really insecure about what we expect from the writer. We read a lot about writers who lie in their profiles here, so we weren’t sure what to believe. The writer who decided to bid at $11 per page for a paper that was due in four days seemed too good to be true. He was supposed to be a native MA graduate in literature and a person with nine years of writing experience. We simply didn’t see why someone as experienced would use that quote.

We were right to doubt him. The paper quality wasn’t at all a good fit to his stated credentials. It had too many mistakes that made us assume that he isn’t even native, not to mention a person with that much experience. And, it had a lot of plagiarism, same as many of the customers complained about.


Essay Pro has a bidding system, but they haven’t handled their part of the job properly. Their writers’ backgrounds aren’t checked thoroughly, so despite their low prices, you can’t be sure you’ll be getting what you pay for. The support did not do anything to solve our obviously big problem, which means that they don’t take much responsibility over what their writers do, either.

Essay Pro Reviews

Affordable and average quality

Rated 4 out of 5
October 31, 2021

My english is not so great, so fresh essays helps me with my assignments very often. Quality is average, but prices are very affordable, so I continue to use this website.


Not bat for their prices

Rated 4 out of 5
October 25, 2021

Price corresponds to the quality I thought, but I got a not bad paper for cheap money before deadline. I’m a lucky)


Best writing service

Rated 5 out of 5
September 18, 2021

I like the EssayPro service, the quality of work was good and my grade as well. cheap. and they finish my 3 pages in 12 hours.


I’m satisfied with the result

Rated 5 out of 5
August 20, 2021

I had a four-page paper due at 11:59 p.m., and I hadn’t started it yet, so my last alternative was to come here and pay someone to write it for me because I had an eight-hour shift that day, so I hired someone at 7:00 a.m., and he finished at 1:30 on my lunch break! It was done quickly, and I had time to amend it to make it more personalized.