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essaypro review

EssayPro Review

Bidding platform to find the best writers. Prices start from $11.4 per page. You’ll choose essay writer yourself according to your budget and he’ll get to work at once. Payment is made only after the finished essay is received.  

Best for

  • Short deadlines
  • Direct line to your writer
  • Unlimited edits
  • Huge pool of qualified writers


  • No discounts available
  • Prices may differ in high season
  • Quality depends on writer        
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Mobile app is available 

Best for quality

PaperHelp Review

PaperHelp Review

A combination of average pricing and exceptional quality makes this a top-rated essay writing service for lengthy types of works – dissertations, coursework, theses. PaperHelp now offers one of the most attractive student discount and loyalty schemes available.

Best for

  • Widest range of services
  • Prices from $10 / page
  • Most popular US service
  • Intuitive interface


  • Limited number of revisions
  • Not all customer care representatives are native speakers
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iOS app doesn't work 

Best for price

BestCustomWriting Review

BestCustomWriting Review

It's a good option to place an order on this website if you’re on a budget and have only several days until the deadline.

Best for

  • Lowest rates from $8.5 only
  • Generous volume-based, life-long, and seasonal discounts


  • Small number of reviews on 3rd- party websites
  • Need to pay more to hire top writers

QuickWriter Review

3 types of essay writers to choose from (fluent speakers, native speakers, and the top 2% experts) could provide individual approach to your writing. A simple but effective loyalty program allows you to save significantly on all future assignments.

Best for

  • 2x Plagiarism test
  • Answers from support team in 60 seconds
  • Option to assign ENL-only writers


  • A bit higher pricing
  • No way of getting a quick price quote before sign up

EduBirdie Review

EduBirdie is of the most well-known paper writing services on the market. They’re a household brand, not thanks to their wide team of experienced writers who are professionals in all aspects of academic writing, but thanks to scandals with paying YouTube influencers to promote their services to students. A few years ago over 250 YouTubers were fined by YouTube for allegedly “unethical” activity in promoting EduBirdie, a company that cheated students by providing low-quality writing services. Unfortunately, it’s not the biggest failure of this essay writing service. Read our EduBirdie review and discover more of them.

EduBirdie.com Review


  • fake profiles & pictures of writers

  • bad APA formatting

  • exact price is clear only after writers' bids

  • scandalous reputation


Edu Birdie Review of Services

Students – both high school and college students – are EduBirdie’s primary target audience. Some EduBirdie reviews, on the other hand, suggest that the platform is better suited for high school students.

Here’s how the EduBirdie team can assist you:

  • Term papers, creative writing, and other types of reports
  • The process of conducting research or putting together a research paper or lab report
  • Plagiarism checker for free
  • Writing a thesis or a dissertation
  • Making an application for a course or program
  • Math problems, PowerPoint presentations, and case study writing are examples of general coursework
  • Various types of reviews

Even if your project doesn’t fit into one of these categories, you can still contact them to see if one of their writers can assist you.

EduBirdie Reviews Online and Reputation

In 2018, the site ordered over 1,400 videos from YouTubers, causing the term “Edubirdie cheating” to become widely known. If your teacher discovers that you purchased your paper from this site, you will never be able to prove that you only used birdie’s assistance to get academic help and a sample of how your assignment should be written. In the writing industry, reputation is everything, and once a company makes a mistake as significant as Edubirdie’s, its name will never be cleared, and it will never be treated as an honest and trusted website again.

Edu Birdie Review of Prices

It’s easier to negotiate the price of your paper with your chosen writer because it’s a bidding platform, and you won’t have to pay extra service fees for intermediaries. To plan our budget, we need to know how much a professional writer would cost ahead of time. Edubirdie, however, does not provide such an opportunity. The edubirdie price list is only available when you place an order. Furthermore, you must register and provide an email address or a Facebook link. The issue of data anonymity is still being debated.

I attempted to place orders for a variety of securities. And the price was always the same. It appeared that Edubirdie didn’t care whether the subject was mathematics or chemistry. They do, however, necessitate a different level of effort and time. You should also keep in mind that this company is constantly attempting to raise the price. It costs an extra $ 10 to choose the best author. If you want a top author, you’ll have to pay more. However, the company claims that all of its writers are professionals. What makes a regular author different from a top author?

Is EduBirdie Legit?

They are definitely legitimate in terms of their essay writing service. We received our essay on time, and we were able to request and receive revisions within a reasonable amount of time.
However, one of Edubirdie’s major flaws is that ordering an essay from them feels surreal as if you’re not chatting with real people.
This is due to the fact that their writers’ profiles are far from “legit”!
To begin, when you visit an Edubirdie writer’s profile, you can read the reviews that their alleged clients have left for them. Surprisingly, no matter which writer’s profile you visit, you’ll notice that nearly all of their reviews are 5 stars. We were also struck by the fact that despite the fact that we discovered a negative comment about a writer, it received a high star rating. This doesn’t add up at all! Perhaps Edubirdie displays all reviews as 4 stars or higher, regardless of the client’s comment.

Edubirdie’s writers’ profile pictures are another “fake” feature. Even a cursory glance at the writers’ profile pictures gives the impression that they aren’t real. However, we used Google reverse image search to find an Edubirdie writer’s profile picture, which confirmed our initial suspicions.

Short EduBirdie Review

Edubirdieappears to put little effort into the hiring process, and as a result, while there are some excellent experts on the platform, the majority of Edubirdie’s writers are below average. If you decide to order your paper from a writing service that uses a bidding system, choose an expert with the highest rating and the best feedback from previous customers. This will cost you a lot of money, but it will also provide you with some assurance of quality.

Edu birdie review from essay writer

Rated 1 out of 5
April 6, 2022

I work for Edu Birdie as a writer. 95% of the writers are Kenyans, and they are paid $4 per page. (Who else can afford to work for $4 an hour if they speak English as a first language?) You will almost certainly get shit from here.

We can make up to $12 per page if there are a few of us who are actually from the United States. It’s not unusual for me to receive a client who is willing to pay $80 per page (I get $12).

They work in a harsh Eastern European/Asian environment. Threats and fines are used to motivate people. There isn’t a shred of honesty or integrity in sight. But, given how shady the whole thing is, I suppose it’s to be expected.

A few insider facts:

– Writers are paid approximately 15-25 percent of the price you are charged. If you leave a tip, the business takes a cut.

– If a client requests a cancellation because he discovered your paper was written in 20th century English by a Kenyan, the original writer is screwed; they receive nothing and are fined. The paper is then sent to a different writer for a quarter of the original price. (You can count on a bad rewrite, probably far worse than the original.)

– All papers are scanned for plagiarism, but only those that are more than 50% copied and pasted are flagged. 

– They permit authors to use the terms “Professor” and “PhD” in their screen names. This website does not contain a single PhD or Masters degree from a US or UK university. (Why would someone with those credentials deal with annoying Asian overlords who are constantly abusing and stealing from them?)

Do you have any doubts? Visit their website… Post a fake order (you don’t have to pay anything) and wait for all of these “Experts” to bid on it. All these Doctors and Finance majors pleading with you to write your paper in broken English.

Engage them in a dialogue. If you ask them about their credentials, they will quickly stop responding or tell you outright lies. People claiming to have Doctorates and Masters certifications will have obvious broken English.


Simply awful

Rated 1 out of 5
March 14, 2022

So far, no paper I’ve submitted has received a grade higher than a B-. I paid a lot of money for a piece of garbage. I received a message during the bidding process that the writer would do it for $45.00. He sent me a paper that had nothing to do with my article and he didn’t even bother to follow simple instructions. In 2 1/2 hours, I received a three-page paper. When I asked for revision, he said he’d need the next seven days. On the seventh day, there was still no paper, so I sent him a message, and he requested an extension. I gave him another four hours to wake up without a piece of paper. They charged me $67.95 and assigned a new writer. I agreed to pay $45 and that was the end of it.

Ben M

Extremely unprofessional

Rated 1 out of 5
February 27, 2022

Of course, it’s my fault for using an essay writing service rather than doing my own work, but I could never have predicted such poor quality for such a high price. I was having trouble with a couple of assignments and deadlines, so I decided to use Edubirdie for two of them, and I failed both of them.

There is no research behind their essay papers; instead, the writer simply skims the source’s headlines (which is the most important part) and then writes a bunch of biassed garbage. A case study and a response paper were two of the assignments, both of which required extensive reading of academic sources.

As I previously stated, I cannot blame anyone but myself; I simply wanted to warn you about it and encourage you to save your money for a better service or to try doing your work yourself. It’s terrible.



Rated 1 out of 5
October 27, 2021

Look, I am an experienced customer of edubirdie. I have received about 10 orders from them. Here is my honest review. First, they are very confusing. Your orders have to be really simple as they cannot complete the simplest things. Even if they do complete it, you are not guaranteed a 100%. I gave a writer my order to complete these modules, and he didn’t even score a 90% on them. Also, they manipulate when you ask for an essay two pages single space when they do two pages double space and make the title 24 font.