We know the drill of most of the academic writing services – they offer a number of services to choose from, you place an order based on the fixed prices, it gets delivered, and you make revisions. But Easyessay.us doesn’t have such kind of method. Instead of choosing from the services, you can make your own personalized order. They don’t even have a fixed pricing policy, the writers will bid for the orders, and you would get to choose the writer you please.

The whole concept is unique and effective. Easyessay.us works like a platform where they try to connect the customers with the writers. So, how good are they? Should you consider going for them for your next essay or paper writing project?

Don’t worry; we will try to answer all your questions in our Easyessay.us review. But first, check out the review table to get a glance of their services and quality.

If you want to choose a reliable essay writing service at once, see the table:


Top Essay Services



1 Value for Money

  • Bidding platform to find the best writers

  • Payment is made only after the finished essay is received

2 Best by Price

wiseessays reviews
  • Prices start at just $7.74 per page

  • Generous volume-based, life-long, and seasonal discounts

3 Best by Quality

paperhelp reviews
  • Almost no issues with essays' quality (based on reviews and overall online reputation)

  • Beneficial ​loyalty and referral programs

Easyessay.us Review of Services

Easyessay.us has a wide range of academic writing services for the students out there. There is no defined level of expertise of the writer or academic levels. The basic idea is you will discuss the topic with the interested writers and choose the best one who can meet your demands. They have about 777 active writers who will try to tackle your situation.

Although, we can give you the list of the services they offer –

  • Essay
  • Admission essay
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Argumentative essay
  • Book or movie review
  • Business plan
  • Case study analysis
  • Coursework
  • Creative writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation
  • Research paper
  • Research proposal
  • Term paper
  • Thesis paper

As it is a bidding website, you can choose to order any kind of academic writing you need. They offer four simple steps to get your perfect piece of writing –

  • Chat individually with each of the writers and judge their skills and knowledge.
  • After you have chosen your writer, you can manage the progress and ask for any kind of tweaking. They give you total control of the writing.
  • You can communicate with the writer and the customer support team of Bid4Papers anytime you want to make sure you are getting the right quality.
  • Finally, you can enjoy the result and get a stunning grade from your teachers.

So, this was everything about the list of services they offer. But what about the price? Don’t worry; we will get there!

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Policy

Easyessay.us do not have a price table of automated price calculator like most of the companies available in the market. So, how can you know about the prices? It’s simple; you can check the biddings against your order and choose the price suits your budget. In this way, you can be on the commanding seat, not the company.

As you are choosing the writer with their respective biddings, you will not get any different kind of discounts or use any coupons. The system doesn’t work like that. But we would suggest you not to go for the cheapest option available. The qualified writers will ask for the higher amount.

You can pay them using your PayPal account or for other options like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or direct bank transfer.

Quality Evaluation

Let’s talk about the most important factor now – the quality. We wouldn’t call the quality good or bad. We had the opportunity to discuss detail about the essay on Green Architecture that we ordered. The writer did his best, but it could have been better. He even missed two or three guidelines that we shared with him. He even took way more time than we expected. So, if you are in a hurry and the deadline ticking hard, we would suggest you go for other options or make it very clear with the writer assigned.

Customer Support

The Customer support of Easyessay.us is one thing that we loved most of the company. The customer support was very friendly and helpful. Moreover, we didn’t have to bother much about it as we were in touch with the writer the whole time. Although, we think there should have been a live chat option available. Otherwise, it was a joy ride.

Failed subject

Rated 1.0 out of 5
May 12, 2022

For a variety of reasons, this company caused me to fail my subject. The first is that I set a deadline, and they delivered my essay two days late. I spoke with my teacher, and she extended my deadline by two days, resulting in a 1% reduction in my final grade. My essay was full of plagiarism and badly redacted when I received it. However, I received a 20 out of 100, and I received an impressive 0 when I contacted customer service. They refused to issue a refund because they state in their policies that they do not issue refunds under any circumstances. This page is a complete scam. My essay cost me $188 (15 pages)

Alan C.