As they say, is the spot where you ‘hire a writer for a grade’. This is literally the case because you hire a writer, not a company that chooses one to do your assignment. is somewhat of a mediator in the process where you make an order and writers bid on it. Your task is to select and communicate with a writer of your choice and the writer’s job is to deliver it as you need it.

DoMyEssay might not do the rest, but they definitely have many tasks and obligations. Firstly, they need to assure that every writer is good enough to work for the service and that their qualifications are real. Secondly, they need to mediate in case of problems and answer your questions if you have any. And finally, they need to guarantee the quality of content, handle complaints and provide customers with revisions and refunds.

Whether and how well they do all this, you can learn in this DoMyEssay review.

DoMyEssay Review of Services

Everything. Yes, that is really the case. The bidding system, so to call it, lets you choose from the list, but also select an option named ‘other’ and write down whatever you need and want. This is clearly a pro, while the con would be that you can’t really know who, when and how many will bid on it.

There is quite a large number of writers employed there, so getting bidders shouldn’t be a problem. You might want to stay away from them if you need urgent help because this process can take plenty of your time, especially if you want to choose well.

Prices, Discounts, & Payment Policy

Our evaluation came up empty in this sense. No discounts and no set prices, so there isn’t much to tell to let you know what you’ll be asked to pay. Not because they don’t show prices, but because they cannot. Since you are dealing with bidders, you can literally have a whole range of prices to choose from, and the company has nothing to do with your choices.

They do, however, need to handle the profiles’ credibility but from what you can notice right when you open their writers’ profiles on the website, there isn’t much difference between most of them. They all seem to be perfect. So, our opinion was split between: they either have many great writers with great qualifications, or their writers’ profiles aren’t so trustworthy.

Do My Essay Quality Review

The doubts we presented just now all came to light when we finally received this term paper we chose to order from They aren’t pros, but writers who obviously decided to exaggerate in their profiles and succeeded at doing so because, in our experience, is a very bad controller of their writers’ work or profiles.

This is our opinion because of two things. Firstly, a person with a Ph.D. and a rating of five stars wouldn’t offer us a rate that is cheaper than anything we have seen so far, and for a term paper. Secondly, that same native English writer wouldn’t write it horribly, and not just in terms of the style and vocabulary. We also noted clear signs that the writer isn’t all that fluent based on the funny mistakes made in the text that no native would ever do.

How Is the Customer Support?

Since the quality was devastating, we ended testing the customer support by asking them to take part in our problem with the writer. They responded really fast but did not seem at all surprised to hear about our issue. In fact, they instantly got themselves out of refunding us and said that we should ask the writer to revise the paper. If the writer says no or is not responsive, we should contact them again and they’ll ask him to revise. No deadlines for this, no guarantees that it will happen, and on top of it all, no guarantee that it will improve anything. Overall, we were frustrated with both quality and support.

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