Dissertation-Service.org is not a service that puts an emphasis on dissertation and thesis writing, as its name and site’s slogans claim. It’s a common essay writing service with all typical features – list of services, document types, academic levels.


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Dissertation-Service.org – Reliable or Not? First impressions

If you are looking for a top-quality dissertation writing service, dissertation-service.org can’t help. This company claims to hire only experts with higher academic degrees in various fields. For example, the dissertation-service.org homepage says they have 372(!) PhD experts in all the fields. In reality, there is no page with writers’ data. There are no photos, experience descriptions, or anything like that. We doubt, that the company employs 372 PhD writers as it says, especially taking into account all dissertation-service.org reviews from 3rd-party platforms.

Dissertation-service.org openly shows their Cyprus registration and convinces you of the high quality of their work:dissertation-service.org registration

Dissertation-Service.org  Review: What services do they provide?

Dissertation-Service.org offers the following services:

Dissertation-Service term papersOffering term paper writing services on any topic or difficulty level.
Dissertation writing servicesGood quality Dissertation writing solutions. The writers can even complete the paper on a chapter-by-chapter basis.
Essay writing servicesHelp with essays on various topics and complexity levels. The writers can help with informational essays, descriptive essays, persuasive essays, and personal statement essays.


Genuine Dissertation-Service reviews available online discuss the advantages of hiring this company. For example, they have no powerful guarantees and clear terms of use. You can save even up to 20% of the total cost of your order if you will use their discount program. Check these Dissertation-Service.org  reviews to find out the opinion of past customers about this company and you will be convinced this is not your best choice!

What prices do they have? Is there a
Dissertation-Service.org discount?

In this honest Dissertation-Service.org review, we will disclose to you the prices charged for different papers. We know that prices are extremely important because most students cannot afford to pay exaggerated costs for an essay. Here are some of the Dissertation-Service.org prices charged:

  • The most popular option is Master level writing. The prices include: $23.95 for 10 days, $31.95 for 3 days, and $42.95 for 6 hours deadline
  • The most expensive price according to Dissertation-Service.org reviews is the Ph.D. level writing with a deadline of only 3 hours. The cost here is $47.95 per page. This is the most expensive Dissertation-Service.org price, but it is definitely a good price.

Dissertation-Service.org Guarantees

Now you might ask yourself is Dissertation-Service.org reliable indeed? After performing our thorough tests and checks we can tell that DissertationService guarantees don’t represent clients’ best interests. If you want to cancel an order, they have the right to decline it at their discretion. To have your request reviewed, you must give a list of violations. You can get your $0 back if you don’t do that. Furthermore, you only have 72 hours to give them a formal refund request once the order is delivered. If you don’t do that, you’ll get your money back.

Another important issue is plagiarism. In this case, Dissertation-Service.org supports itself one more time. Requesting a plagiarism report from Dissertation-Service.org will cost you extra money, which is absurd because, for one thing, you should have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always get 100 percent unique work from them. Second, most other dissertation writing services will provide you with a plagiarism report for free. It doesn’t make sense to pay more for it.

Before hiring any writing service you should check their rating online. You should make sure it is a reliable company before you are placing your first order.

Dissertation-Service.org Online Reputation

Dissertation-service.org by a company that’s infamous for operating many fake review and clone sites in order to attract first-time and inexperienced customers to make an order with them. Of course, all these sites praise Dissertation-Service excessively, but let’s be honest – they look so unnatural and flattering, so you can ask  – who will share it if everything goes well?

Dissertation-Service.org Sitejabber Reviews seem to be complimentary as well. Almost all among 56 reviews are extremely sugary until you choose ‘Verified site experience’ motion and voilà: No reviews meet your search criteria. Let’s dig deeper. If you see closely at profiles of authors of oversweet compliments you’ll notice that for the vast majority of them that was the first experience of using Sitejabber in general. 

We must conclude that Dissertation-Service is si great that you can’t stay silent. Nope. The only possible conclusion is that Dissertation-Service.org uses fake reviews to improve its reputation.

Short Dissertation-Service.org Review

Are you looking for a reliable writer? Your search still continues. Dissertation-Service.org has bad customer service, almost no guarantees, and substandard authors that can’t deliver even half of what they promise. What is more important, writing services are over $10 more expensive than those provided by other dissertation writing services that provide higher-quality papers at a lower cost.

We know, how important dissertations are. That’s why we recommend searching for more reliable alternatives. 

Best alternative to Dissertation-Service.org

Have your dissertation done by the top 2% academic experts


Rated 1.0 out of 5
May 25, 2022

I gave them my project, with a 10-day deadline. When I contacted them on the day of delivery, they began making excuses, and when the deadline passed, they returned my project and said they were unsure what to do. They will spoil your project. DON’T BELIEVE THEM.

Arthur K

low-quality work

Rated 1.0 out of 5
October 25, 2021

I had several issues regarding my paper. It was poorly written, the main characters were spelled wrong, the margins weren’t MLA format, and I asked and paid for 6 pages of work and got 5. Oh, and how can I forget l, got a D and a F on my papers. I tried contacting customer support because when I downloaded the pdf and doc words were getting cut off the page and the margins were off. It wasn’t until I copy and pasted it when I found out that it wasn’t the right amount of pages, and I could only do that after I released the last payment. When I contacted customer support they said they couldn’t do anything about it because I released the payment and that they can’t guarantee good work. And when I tried explaining how I paid for 6 pages they tried to act like they were in the right. Overall bad experience with the writing and the customer service.


stay away

Rated 1.0 out of 5
September 19, 2021

This is the worst writing service I’ve ever used, and I’ve never regretted a decision as much as choosing dissertation-service.org to assist me with my dissertation. The service was terrible; the writer made so many stylistic and grammatical errors that even I (a foreigner) could have written it better, and I did: I paid almost $900 for a service I never used. After I complained about the poor research, they told me I needed to pay extra for an editor so there would be no errors in the final result, which I did, but the paper was still garbage. The sources cited aren’t even appropriate for a high school project, let alone an academic thesis or dissertation. After much stress and tears, I was warned that if I didn’t pay, my writer would stop writing it and the project would not be completed, so I caved in and let them finish the horrible and miserable paper. I wish I hadn’t trusted those fake testimonials! Please stay away; if you don’t, you’ll wind up scrapping it and starting over from scratch, just like I did.