This company has been on the writing market since 1997, and according to their website, they have been featured in CNN, USA Today, and HuffPost. This gives the impression that we are looking at a quality writing service. However, having had plenty of experience with both bad and good services, we know better than to base our decisions on the marketing strategy or website appearance of a company. 

Therefore, we decided to take the time and write this review. Services Review

There is no services list or page on the website, making it impossible for you to check if offers your specific assignment. After we looked through their ordering process, we came to a very disappointing finding – offers only essays and not any other paper you may need during your studies.

Pricing Model and Discounts

With a lowest rate of $33 per page, this is one of the highest priced companies on the writing market. And this is not all – this price actually applies to 4 pages or more, which means that the company has limits in terms of minimum pages ordered. If you do want to place the same order for one page only, you will pay $46 per page.

These rates apply for deadlines of 5 days or more. If you go further and decide to order a paper within one, two, three or four days, be prepared to pay what we consider an extremely steep price for essay writing. 

The worst part here is – the company offers no discounts. This makes it a costly company student can rarely afford, which is probably why feedback online comes in such small numbers.

Papers Quality

Once we received our paper, we confirmed that the company has good writers. Still, the small amount of plagiarism and improper formatting lead us to the belief that this company is not worth its pricing.

Other than this, the writer did a solid job with the essay. It was well written and contained no mistakes, as well as delivered within the deadline we chose.

Customer Support

The customer support agents at are reliable, but getting in touch with them can be a struggle. Unlike other writing services who offer academic papers to students, this company does not have a 24/7 customer support service. And since they do have a tight deadline option of 24 hours only, we are very concerned about the lack of this feature. 

You can get in touch with the agents on the phone number listed on the website, or write an e-mail to their address. Our experience with the e-mail was bad, but the phone agents were very pleasant to talk to.

Short Review

Overall, we are looking at a legit writing service that is actually featured in some of the most reliable news sources online. However, the lack of discounts and incredibly high prices make the service a bad investment for students who are often on a limited budget, especially considering that most writing services have better offers.

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