is definitely not the best place to buy essays.
Our college paper was plagiarised and had errors. We also received a faked plagiarism report, which is completely unacceptable.
When you’re about to place an order, customer support is exclusively interested in you. After then, don’t anticipate any feedback or updates.
To discover more, see our review. 

Some facts you need to know to review

  1. seems like a regular essay writing website from the last century with wordy and meaningless texts on pages that don’t clarify anything about the company and its services. Moreover, they don’t even try to hide that they are a Cyprus-based company that probably evades taxes in this famous offshore country.
  2.  The design includes a block of ‘Testimonials’ that directs you to the page with the same name and a very poor list of ‘customer reviews’ with no proof of credibility, reliability, or objectivity. You can see no User info, no Order ID, no Writer ID, and no Subject or Type of document info – nothing, just simple 10 texts singing the praises.
  3. offers some ridiculously generous freebies, that have no sense except squeezing more money out of customers, For example, they make “free email delivery” sound like a gift, despite the fact that no one would pay $10 to have their order delivered to their Inbox. Revisions are likewise free, though the Quality Assurance department reserves the right to revoke this privilege if they determine you’ve received enough edits. review ridiculous features

From all above-mentioned we can conclude that this essay writing company doesn’t respect its customers treating them like not very smart. We reviewed just first impression issues, so what will be the next?

College-Paper Review of Services

This company provides a wide range of papers, thus the list of services is extensive. Customers have the option of ordering reaction papers, case studies, admission essays, movie reviews, statistics projects, dissertation chapters, and standard essays. They’ve got you covered, no matter what you’re looking for. reviews are inconsistent and do not help a potential client in making a decision. Unfortunately, many of the reviews appear to be fraudulent, so how can two seemingly contradicting impressions be true at the same time?  It’s a feature of the essay writing business., for example, hires largely freelance writers because it is unusual for such a company to have in-house authors. When working with freelancers, you’re playing a game of chance. The quality of work provided by freelancers is sometimes uneven, causing irritation for both the firm and its clients. It is feasible to hire someone who is reliable and produces excellent work. However, you can obtain a writer who is unmotivated and puts in the limited effort, resulting in a poor paper. In most circumstances, it’s a matter of luck. This explains why some customers have a positive experience while others regret reaching the service.

College-Paper Review of Prices

Using a three-tier system to set prices for a service makes it hard to understand. There are three levels of service quality: standard, premium, and platinum. The difference is that the writers for the last two are more experienced, so they cost more. is too pricey. There are companies that are better and more professional than that price less. I’ve used dozens of these services, and the average cost per page is around 11-13 dollars. If they offered something extra or unusual, their increased rate would be reasonable. However, this is a standard, uncomplicated paper writing service with no extras. I looked for a cause for the high rates but couldn’t come up with anything. Nonetheless, considering that the price was not reduced to be more competitive, I suppose there is a market for their papers. At the present, the cheapest offer is as follows: $19.99 for a typical, single-page essay of standard quality. For most college students, paying nearly $50 for a 5-page essay is not worth it. Herein is the problem. The majority of people who use these services are students on a tight budget. Sure, a delayed paper may make you desperate enough to hire such a service, but there are other, less expensive solutions. Another feature cited in reviews is the level of quality. It is expected that other sites will assign the best man for the project, who will produce the best essay possible. It is, in my opinion, a poor marketing technique to classify assignments by quality level and state plainly that you would have to pay more for something decent.

Never trust this website- Warning

Rated 1.0 out of 5
May 30, 2022

I just placed an order for two assignments, both of which were marked as failing. Never put your trust in what they say. I even paid an extra $50 for professional editing to be done on both. $409 and $91 were paid. Both were rated as red, and my tutor issued a warning. Finally, when I filed both refund claims, they told it had to be completed within three days, which was impossible because the marking takes at least two weeks to decide.

To summarise, this website is not worth your time or money. Request an extension, even if the marks will be deducted for late submission, because it will be worth it in the end.

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Rated 1.0 out of 5
May 8, 2022

These people are scammers. A slew of Kenyans who are illiterate in English. You have poor grammar and make no sense. Essays are dreadful; it’s like a child writing and making no sense, and they make you spend 20 hours correcting their work, delaying your work, making you miss your deadline and telling you to ask your lecturer to extend the deadline, and then giving you the same $#*! assignment with no improvements. Furthermore, their customer service is abysmal, never taking the time to answer your questions and always providing short, repeated responses. They will never refund your money for their $#*! work. Scammers stay away. Their so-called experts are even capable of writing in English.


Scam Alert

Rated 1.0 out of 5
April 14, 2022

College Paper is a scam; they do not have any experts. I gave them a large project with a high price tag, and they shoved it in my face 27 days early. During that task, I received the results of their previous task, which showed a 48 percent plagiarism rate, and when I asked for a refund, they said I couldn’t ask right now.

Albert f