Review is an online essay writing service. On the home page they describe themselves as a “top rated service”. However, in order to offer you a top reliable review we have tested all facts before releasing our final verdict. The website loads extremely slow. It took us about 5 minutes until we were able to scroll down to the bottom of the page and read through the available information.

We did not like the layout of the website which is unorganized. There is a lot of information available but it is laid out in a chaotic manner. There is also a free online calculator available, which is useless. We could not find out how much we need to pay for 5 pages of essay writing, because the calculator does not work. Services Overview

This company offers about 50 different writing services. We consider that all respectable writing companies focus on only a few types of writing, instead of offering so many services under the same roof. In fact, we believe they do not even have so many experts in so many fields and styles of writing.

Here are a few of the services offered by Admission Essays, APA format essays, Assignments, Blog Posts, Book reports, Essay writing, Dissertation writing, literature reviews, lab reports, social media content, rewrite my essay and cover letter writing. These services are enlisted in alphabetical order, but they do not offer any subcategories. For example, they do not offer Dissertation writing on a chapter by chapter basis. Or, they do not offer essay writing on categories such as informational essays, persuasive essays, descriptive essays and so on. Pricing

Pricing is the most important factor when it comes to any type of service. Students need to know exactly how much they have to pay for one page of essay writing or one chapter for their Dissertation. Students live on a limited budget, so they must know beforehand the cost of their papers. Unfortunately, in this Buy-Cheapessay review, we can disclose to you that the prices charged are very high. Students cannot afford to pay a fortune on one single paper.

Here are some pricing examples charged by

  • College-level writing with a 7 days deadline costs $19,91 per page. This means that for a simple 5-page essay you will need to pay about $100
  • Ph.D. level writing with a 7 fays deadline costs $27.70, while for a 4 days deadline the price is $29.93 per page
  • Their most expensive price is for the 3 hours deadline at Ph.D. quality. The cost is $47.04 per page. If you need to write a Dissertation that is 50 pages long, you need to pay out of pocket about $2,500, plus the cost for editing and extras.

Discounts policy overview

Several reviews talk about the fact that the company has very weak discounts. For example, they do not offer a scale-based discount of 5, 10 or 15% to its customers. Then, they do not offer free features with each order. They offer a 15% first order discount, or so they advertise on the homepage.

When we placed our order for an essay, we did not receive any 15% first order discount. Instead, we had to pay the full price. When we asked them, they told us they will offer a discount on our next order. This is not fair play, and we consider that they should keep all the promises displayed on the website.

Other features

We have reviewed already hundreds of top trustworthy writing services. We know from experience that the best companies out there attract new clients through the great offers available. In this honest review we can disclose to you that they do not offer any extra deals such as seasonal discounts, scale-based discounts, bonuses, free features with every order, and so on. They only offer some free samples that you can check before placing your order.

These samples are filled with mistakes and many of them contain plagiarized content. If these samples reflect the quality of the work provided, it means that you will also receive an essay filled with errors and plagiarism.

Short Review

Following an utmost thorough review of this website, we do not recommend this service to students. The quality of their papers is abominable, and the prices are too high. The samples available are of the worst quality possible, and customer service is not at all friendly. They also do not respect their promise regarding the first order discount and there are no freebies available.

In case you need a top-quality paper for class, you should start looking elsewhere for the help you need. By placing your order with this company you will end up with a paper that is filled with mistakes, plagiarism, and bad editing.

Writers Fail to Follow instructions

Rated 2 out of 5
May 23, 2023

If I could rate PaperHelp with negative stars, I would. I paid PaperHelp $300 for a paper. I gave them four days to finish it. I essentially spoon-fed the “advanced” writer by supplying both the paper’s instructions and all of the necessary sources. The first draft I receive back does not contain any citations or annotations. In addition, they included information on topics I did not request for my paper. I instructed the writer to remove those topics and use the ones I supplied. That was revised, indeed. However, if they had read the instructions, they would have realized that they were required to cite certain information in this document, which they did not do. I communicated with the writer, who replied that it would cost extra because there would be two additional pages. Are you fooling me?! If they had initially read the instructions, they could have planned accordingly. I sent a message to the support employees, who were useless and barely spoke English. I explained the problem and received five seconds of silence in response. Then I was informed that I had to pay extra for the two pages. PaperHelp is fraudulent. Go somewhere else that employs American writers.

Consumer advice: avoid using PaperHelp. They label non-advanced writers as “advanced” I provided the writer with instructions and resources, but they continued to make errors, requiring me to repeatedly clarify what they were supposed to do. In addition, the writers are typically not located in the United States, so even if they are able to read and write in English, you will have to edit your paper for errors in grammar, terminology, etc. Lastly, this paper was incredibly pricey considering all of the problems I encountered.



Rated 1 out of 5
May 10, 2023

Yesterday I placed an urgent Order # ******* for a single Statistics query and paid $56. A writer (Writer ID #*******) assumed responsibility for my order. I gave the author 24 hours to respond to that one query. In the end, however, the author did nothing. The author read my message but chose to disregard me as well. After the deadline had passed, the writer simply fulfilled my order and fled.

I then contacted their customer service to register the complaint, but the writer was not punished. They then help me find a new writer, but the previous writer had already wasted 24 hours of my time, so the new writer has only about 3 hours to complete my assignment. In the end, the new writer was unable to complete my homework by the due date (11:55 p.m.), so I ended up submitting incomplete homework and submitting via email (in principle, mail submission is not permissible); I have no idea whether my professor will accept it or not.

Regardless, I contacted their support once more to complain that there is no option for customers to filter authors. Why is the previous writer who abused my assignment not punished? However, I was not given an explanation for this.

Guys, this means that if you place an order with them, some idiots may take your order but do nothing with it. This is a catastrophe! You cannot filter a decent writer; only a random writer will accept your order. And the writer will not be penalized if they do nothing after the deadline has passed.

Consider this: you set the deadline and expect a paper, but the writer escapes without consequence. If you receive a zero for this assignment, you may be forced to quit the course. Do you wish to continue using their service?

I’ve used them for three years, and I trust them. Their website was formerly called essaypro, and it was excellent. However, they now refresh their website. An awful policy. Customer cannot filter writer and has no recourse should the writer escape. This one task has broken my trust!



Rated 2 out of 5
May 5, 2023

This was the worst $80 I’ve ever spent on a piece of writing. It appears as though a fifth-grader penned it. There were so many grammatical errors in the 3-page paper that I was unable to use a single sentence. After I paid the $50, the order indicated it would be completed in 13 days, even though I had specified a three-day turnaround time. I responded that it could not be completed in three days, so they instructed me to transmit an additional $28. I did so, and I wish I could present the document to you. Avoid using the service. Your grade on your report will be an F. I expressed my dissatisfaction, and the company resolved the issue by crediting $28 towards my next purchase, which will never occur. They refused to refund my money.

Rene Wood

Zero academic references

Rated 1 out of 5
April 11, 2023

Zero academic references and the author had no understanding of strategic management! The essay resembled an article from a blog or a random website, and the most amusing joke was that it was a 5,000-word essay with nine references, the majority of which were either fabricated nonexistent references or a blog or a random website! Totally not worth the 250 GBP price tag!

The essay was neither academic nor related to academia because it was written in the manner of a random blog post! The writer had no knowledge of the subject and continued to tell stories in the case study section. This is a fraud. not falling for it



Rated 1 out of 5
March 15, 2023

This company is a complete scam. Avoid wasting your money. I provided the writers with a file containing all the necessary information for writing the paper and instructed them not to use the internet or any other outside sources, but rather to use only the file I provided because it contained the necessary notes. Both writers went online and altered the words of an article they found, believing that I wouldn’t notice because I had taken notes in the file so I would know precisely what to expect. Do not use this company because they duplicate and paste and alter the text online. They also refuse to issue a refund after defrauding the customer.