A-Writer.com Review: Is It a Reliable Writing Service?

It’s about time for us to publish an A Writer review, since it’s been heavily requested by our followers. We got one common question: “is A Writer legal?” followed by another one: “is it good?”

Yes, and yes.

A-Writer is one of the most reliable writing agencies on the market. It’s a confidential service that protects your information, so your teachers won’t know you’re ordering papers online. The quality is always great. You can order any type of paper without being worried about a scam.

We developed a system for identifying a trustworthy website from the online writing industry. We analyze essay services in detail, with all their features. However, we also buy papers at the websites, so we can make sure what we’re recommending is not based on fake promises, but on actual credibility.

Let’s get to one of the most detailed A Writer reviews you’ll find online.

Is A Writer Legit? What Services Can You Get?

You may find a site that’s safe and reputable, and gives you an affordable price at the same time. Essentially, it’s the list of services that determines your decision. College and university professors don’t do their best to teach students how to write different types of papers. So when they encounter a different type of academic project, they have to hire a service like A-Writer.com.

This is what you can get here:

  • Any type of essay
  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Assessment
  • Assignment of any type
  • Financial analysis
  • Short story
  • SWOT analysis
  • Research proposal
  • Biography
  • Dissertation, and more

As any other legit writing service, A-Writer also hires only pro writers. They will complete the content from scratch and guarantee revisions or a refund in case you’re not happy with the final result.

The A-Writer Prices

Are you trying to make ends meet? That’s tough. You need a service with top rating, but you’re not able to pay too much for it. A-Writer.com offers a low price per page when we compare it to other services. Feel free to go through our other evaluations, such as BestEssay reviews as an example. You’ll notice that the most reliable services in the industry don’t necessarily offer the most expensive price.

The deadlines range between ten days and three hours, so the prices per page depend on that factor. These are the lowest and highest A Writer prices in the available quality levels:

10 days$22.99$25.99$29.99
3 hours$60.99$63.99$67.99

These are the prices per page before a discount is applied. A-Writer.com offers a code for 15% off if you’re a first-time user. Loyal members get more discounts. In addition, there’s an affiliate program. If you recommend the service to a friend, you’ll get credits to your balance when they become a paying customer. You can use those credits to lower the price of your next purchase.

Online Reputation of A-Writer.com

If you want to buy a TV, you’ll read reviews about the model. If you want to hire Boom Essays, you’ll read Boom Essays reviews. If you’re interested in A-Writer, you want to know what its real customers think of it. Does it cheat? Is it illegal? Does it base its work on rewriting and plagiarism?


Almost every A Writer review on the web is positive.

The service exists since 2002. That’s a lot of experience, so there’s no doubt about any A Writer scam. It’s a highly professional team that delivers great results. Most customers are happy and are willing to share a positive A Writer review with other students.

Our Experience with the A-Writer Team

We never base a review solely on social proof. We know that you need direct experience, so that’s what we offer. We ordered an essay from A-Writer.com and we’ll share the experience.

  • The ordering process was easy. The service did not require us to create a profile, confirm it through an email message, and then fill in the order’s details. Everything is done through a single step, so it’s fast and convenient.
  • We ordered an essay on the psychological effects of trauma. We asked for a writer with a degree in psychology, and that’s who we got. The writer narrowed down the topic to make it more specific. He used a case study and several research studies to form and defend the arguments. We received the paper exactly on time, and the writer asked us to check and ask for revisions if needed.
  • The paper was extremely good. The writer went beyond our expectations to make the content unique and interesting to read. We got an offer for revisions, but the essay didn’t need any. A-Writer delivers great quality, and the price works for the work you get.
  • The customer support was available all the time. The live chat became a standard in the writing industry, and that’s good. This company follows the trends; you can use the chat to contact an agent 24/7 and they do respond.

Conclusion: Do We Recommend A-Writer.com?

We highly recommend A-Writer.com as one of the most effective online writing services. It won’t charge a high price, but it will deliver exceptional quality that works for university-level students. Of course, high-school and college students can also get their content here.

The ability to get free revisons is important. So is the fact that they guarantee refunds in case anything goes wrong, so you won’t worry about requesting a chargeback through your bank if you’re not happy with the results.

Is A Writer safe? Yes! The reputation of the company is impeccable among the community of students. The team lives up to the guarantees.

If you used the service or you have questions, feel free to drop us a comment below our A Writer review. We’re always happy to get your opinions, and other students will benefit from them, too.

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