123HelpMe Review

123helpme.com – Reliable or not? First Impression

In everything on this planet, the first impression matters a lot. It is more like the gut feeling you develop when you first interact with something or someone. Conversely, for this writing service, we attempted to evaluate them on this basis. Before coming up with the 123helpme review, we quickly traversed their site to see how complex or easy it is to use. Fortunately, it is quite straightforward and will not give you a hard time. In terms of their customer service team, they are always standby and ready to help. Therefore, we can conclude that for a first impression, the site is pretty reliable and trustworthy.

123helpme essays and other services

Of course, the primary service offered by this company is essay writing, but they equally have other works on their portfolio. Some of the other tasks they can help you with include; speeches, term papers, dissertations, book reviews, homework and research papers, among many others. The tasks are arranged orderly in terms of topics, on their site. However, you can also use their search engine to check for specific topics easily. All of their services have a 123helpme plagiarism guarantee that ensures you get a refund in case they deliver copied content. This adds to their reliability rating to this extent. We will give our verdict about their quality of writing in the subsequent text.

123 help me price scheme

The importance of price regulation, especially for students, cannot be overemphasized. You might have all the professional services needed by students, but if your price is high, they can’t order from you. Luckily, this writing service has somewhat affordable prices. But you should know that you have to pay for a whole month, which is the downside. In terms of discounts, they offer a discount of 15% on the first order and other coupons for loyalists of the company. Therefore, you need to be a regular customer to enjoy the benefits of using coupons. For students, we thought that their prices were a little bit costly. Check them out in the table below:

Monthly planMiddle plan (for every 3 months)Yearly plan (per month)

Is 123helpme legit? What is the available information on the web

Based on our 123helpme review, the company has had a fairly long dominance, gaining numerous customers. But is this enough to prove that it is legit? The fact is that it is a registered company, and this gives you peace of mind that it is not an illegal operation. The paper quality is also good, based on what customers say over the internet. Therefore, you can dismiss and ignore the fake allegations that cheat unsuspecting prospects, about the company. It is one of the best essay writing services, competing with other top agencies. But generally, we can confirm that the 123helpme scam allegations are false and misplaced.

Is 123helpme safe? – our experience

Is 123helpme legit? To provide you with a balanced and substantial review, we had to make an order with the company, to get a firsthand experience. We were majorly trying to check whether or not the company is safe or a scam. We made the order from their site and with the help of their custom price calculator, we were able to determine how much everything would cost us. Of course, the payment is made over a duration of one month, so we ordered a long dissertation that had a duration of two weeks.

After we were through making the order and paying, we received a 123helpme free essays number that we could call anytime to follow up on the article. The customer care rep also gave us a dedicated and friendly writer who would write and work with us during the entire process. We specifically liked the fact that the 123helpme refund policy is present, in case of any plagiarism reports. Luckily, we didn’t have any need for it, as the content delivered was original. Besides, it had no grammatical errors, and was neatly done in every step and chapter. They did it in less than the deadline we gave them, which is commendable. We can also confirm that there wasn’t any chargeback as the only charge we bared was the cost of the text.

A conclusion of 123helpme review

We can summarize this 123helpme diffusion and review by agreeing to the fact that they have incredible services. The only challenge that you would maybe face when using their services, is the price. They are quite costly, especially to students. However, the end result is worth it, and you will get value for your money. Some people ask, “is 123helpme free?” Well, if you get a 123helpme invite code, you can use some of their services for free, to some extent. Therefore, the 123helpme free provision is equally something to anticipate for. Finally, you can join their affiliate program, if you wish to work with them.

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