Best Essay Writing Service 2023

How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Service in 2023?

An essay writing service is a business that writes essays for students. Essay writing services accept orders and assign them to a team member. Essay writers are supposed to be educated, skilled, and experienced. If the essay is about public finance, the company will choose a writer with an MA or Ph.D. in public finance from its team.

We have outlined how the best essay writing service should perform. But not all essay writing services do it that way. Some will outsource orders to untrained freelance writers. Others will let you place an order and select your own writer from among the bidders. If you’re looking for a cheap essay writing service, you may want to consider bidding writing services.

But the best paper writing services usually work in the way we described above. They take your order and pick the best essay writer for you. This method not only saves you time but also ensures better results.

Short on time? Here’s a short summary of the best essay writing services reviews guide in the USA

  1. PaperHelp – Overall best essay writing service in the US  for all types of academic writing . This is our #1 best-rated essay writing service for 2023 for its outstanding quality and well-balanced pricing policy and customer-centric approach in everything.
  2. EssayPRO – Fast, safe, and reliable  for all small and quick orders , including essays, research papers, and lab reports. You’ll choose your writer yourself and he’ll get to work at once.
  3. WiseEssays – A combination of average pricing and exceptional quality makes this a top-rated essay writing service  for lengthy types of works – dissertations, coursework, theses.

The Legality of Top Essay Writing Services

Top essay writing services often get a bad reputation, mainly because some people who say it is only for cheaters do not understand how to use the academic writing service properly. If you use it correctly, you will discover what an excellent learning approach best essay writing services are, assisting you to achieve the grades you like. It could be much better than any tutor, so-called ‘model essay’, a slightly relevant journal or library book.

How to Use Essay Writing Services Legitimately

If you want to use a custom-written essay, do so in the same way that you would use a book from a library, newspaper article, journal, or previous essay paper provided by your professor. This is the most legitimate and reasonable way to use essay writing services. It is simple and legal to conduct your own research using a custom-written essay as a guide. Aside from that, students who use essays as a helpful tool for their own study will reap the benefits more than students who merely submit custom essays as their own original work.

Benefits of Buying Essays Online from Best Essay Services

When essays are done by reputable and experienced essay writing services, they will clearly demonstrate how a well-researched and structured academic work should be written. Such an essay is 100% customized to your requirements which makes it much more effective than any general book or essay paper bought from some essay mill (we’ll talk about them later).

What Is the Best Essay Writing Service in the USA?

We went through numerous websites in search of the best essay writing service for USA students. Essay Pro is currently ranked first.

It offers affordable prices, professional essay writers, and plenty of other benefits. However, we recommend that students examine at least three essay reviews and testimonials before selecting an essay service. This is a significant choice. We have a lot of consumer feedback on our blog, so feel free to read it before placing an order.

Is It Legal to Order Custom Essays from Paper Writing Services?

Plagiarism is the only thing that’s illegal. When you present someone’s work as your own without crediting it, it’s considered plagiarism. But ghostwriting is not plagiarism. According to the terms of the contract, the writer grants you complete permission to use this content as your own. You’re its author! Essay writing is not considered to be plagiarism unless it contains parts of published content that haven’t been referenced.

To answer your question: yes; hiring an essay writing service is entirely legal. You’re not committing any crime. This type of assistance can easily be compared to tutoring in many cases. When you are unable to comprehend a part of the coursework subject, you seek assistance from a tutor. In this instance, you are accomplishing the same thing. You’re employing a writer to assist you in researching and comprehending a subject.

Criteria of Good Essay and Reliable Essay Writing Service

There is nothing wrong with hiring an essay writing service. But you have to choose the best one. Keep in mind that there are not only good essay writing services but also very bad ones. Some of them will scam you out of your money like it’s nothing. You want the good ones. There are few signs that show you’re on the right track to ordering from the best writing company:

  • Good choice of writing services – this shows that the essay writing company has a versatile team of academic writers.
  • Fair prices – anything less than $10 is not an adequate price for a professional writer. If you want a real academic expert to complete your essay paper, you should opt for average prices, which start at around $17.
  • Transparent policies – you have to see if the company discloses its terms of use. Take your time to read them all. Sometimes a company’s website might promise free revisions or refunds, but the terms of use allow it not to deliver them. You have to know that your rights are protected.
  • Good essay writing service reviews – that’s the most important indicator of a reliable writing company. 

Common Questions Concerning Essay Writing Services

  • How do essay writing services deal with plagiarism?

Reliable essay writing services always complete the essay papers from scratch. The essay writers are being instructed to follow the client’s guidelines. Then, the editing and proofreading department runs the content through a tool like Copyscape, just to make sure there’s zero plagiarism in it. All sources must be referenced, and you should be able to choose the citation style you need

  • How can you check if an essay writing service is a scam?

Online reviewsAlways check the online reputation of their website before placing an order.
Website usabilityYou need a reliable, fast, and safe website.
Customer supportIs there a 24/7 customer support department to attend? Do they answer quickly and efficiently?
Terms of useRead them all! Are you protected as a user?
  • Is it safe to order an essay from an essay writing service? Will my order be anonymous?

As long as you choose a reputable essay writing company, you’ll be fine. Don’t forget to get feedback from third-party reviewing services. See what real clients say. Check the essay writing website and see how it works. You should ensure it has a valid security certificate, so the payments will be secure.

When you use a reliable essay writing agency, you’ll be anonymous. The company will never disclose your personal information. They will never deliver the same paper to someone else, and they will never publish it.

  • How do paper writing services hire their essay writers?

The best essay writing companies set high standards for their experts. They must go through a challenging hiring procedure, which tests their English language skills as well as their potential to create superior academic content. Of course, they also need to provide documentation of their completed education. The most trustworthy services only employ writers who have obtained Masters or doctoral degrees in their fields.

  • Are all essay writers English native speakers?

Some essay writers are native speakers of English, and others are non-native speakers, but they have a strong knowledge of English. Some essay writing companies claim to hire native speakers only, but it’s difficult to verify. You’ll see it only after receiving your work or even grade.

  • Free essay writing services, do they exist?

You can get free samples all over the web. Academic writing services also showcase free samples, so you can see what kind of work their experts deliver. But if you want a unique essay that’s being customized according to your instructions, you’ll need to pay a fair price for it. Keep in mind that you’re hiring a first-class writer, who does this for a living.

How Do You Find the Best Essay Writing Service in the United States?

The following guidelines will assist you in selecting the appropriate services so that you can determine whether or not the organization with which you are dealing is respectable and legitimate.

Verify the company’s registration

Checking the company’s registration is essential before placing any orders. Make sure to contact the support service if the company is registered in the United States or Europe so that you can find out where the company is located.

Inquire about the city’s special attributes if they state they’re located there.

Have a look around the website and see if the prices are competitive. When a company provides extremely low fees, there is a considerable likelihood that non-native writing speakers will not handle your assignment.

Choose SSL-enabled sites

SSL certificates, which are simply secured links between websites and user browsers, are not used by illegal businesses. IIf you see the words “Not Secure” in the address bar before the website’s address, you must close the website immediately and avoid visiting it again.

SSL certificates can also help secure online transactions, therefore if you do use a website that doesn’t have SSL certificates, you should avoid any online purchases.

Read essay writing services reviews

Take the time to read the reviews and social media. You do not need to evaluate user reviews; instead, you should hunt for legitimate reviews. Even the best services have dissatisfied clients. It’s obviously a warning sign when some services, especially new ones, have five-star reviews. There’s a high possibility that the reviews came from a fake profile.

Select a website that provides a money-back guarantee

A money-back guarantee is offered by the majority of essay writing services. Make sure you don’t hire ones that don’t provide a money-back guarantee if a user is unhappy with the paper. It is strongly advised that you read the ‘terms and conditions’ page of the service and refund policy carefully to ensure that you understand the circumstances under which you may be eligible for a refund.

When you request a refund, some platforms will not give you a complete return.

Choose a service that provides a plagiarism report

When you acquire an essay, the bulk of essay writing services include a free plagiarism report. If you pay some money, you can also acquire a plagiarism report. Make sure you don’t use any services that don’t have this option. The document must be original and distinct, and if the company does not provide a plagiarism report, there is a good probability it will fail the plagiarism check.

Choose an essay company that has a lot of experience

Because the custom writing niche is so competitive, scammers and low-quality firms will swiftly vanish. Customers that are dissatisfied will leave bad evaluations online, tarnishing the company’s reputation. Students’ decisions on which writing services to use are heavily influenced by peer recommendations.

If a company has been in this industry for a long time, it is likely to be a legitimate one that provides high-quality content and has a strong reputation. 

Look at the privacy policies

You should read the company’s privacy policy to guarantee that your personal information is kept private. You must be aware of the information gathered by the company and who has access to it.

Genuine vs. Fake Essay Reviews: How to Make the Difference?

If you’ve ever ordered papers from online services, you probably realized there were many scammers in that industry. Some companies take your money for worthless papers or missed deadlines, but you can’t get any revisions or refunds no matter how persistent you are in the attempts to contact the support. That’s why you read reviews before ordering papers online.

Reading a review before using a service is a smart thing to do. You get insights about the company’s reputation, prices, policies, and quality. However, you can’t afford to make the mistake of trusting a biased review. Many companies pay for positive recommendations, so these fake reviewing services work to their advantage while diminishing the reputation of competitive websites. You want to avoid these swindlers and recognize their attempts to trick you in the wrong direction!

How to Recognize Reviewing Services that Cheat

There are few indicators that reveal a scamming reviewing website:

  • The evaluations are either extremely positive or extremely negative. When the biased reviewing service recommends a particular website, it uses exaggerating claims like best, outstandingtopcheapestreally affordable, most cost-effectivethe best writersthe best customer support, and so on. When they are warning you about the websites that are competitive to the ones they are bragging about, they use claims like too expensive, worst quality, extremely bad support, narrow choice of services, etc.
  • When a scamming reviewer recommends a particular website, he will tell you that the prices are affordable. If you see that the other reviews at the website say that other services are expensive, but you see that their prices are close to the ones labeled affordable in the other review, keep looking elsewhere because you’re not getting truthful information.
  • A cheating review is too general. It tells you how awesome the website is, it informs you about the price, and it tells you how you can contact the team of customer support agents. However, scamming reviews rarely inform you about the quality these services deliver, since they don’t order actual papers. If they claim they have ordered papers, their feedback is also general, like: the paper was awesome, high-quality, and similar claims that don’t tell you any specific information about the content.
  • They call you to action. If you see statements similar to “this is the best writing service out there, so order your paper today,” you should consider yourself warned: that’s a scamming review website.

What to Look for in a Genuine Essay Writing Service Review

An honest reviewing service will leave the final choice to you. It will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of the services being reviewed. If the reviews recommend a particular service because it met the expectations of the team, you won’t see any direct calls to actions or affiliate links. You can compare the reviews on this website and make your own decision. That’s the whole point of a reviewing service.

You will also see an open comment section that allows you to share your feedback on different services. That’s a website you can trust.

The most notable factor that makes a difference between a truthful and scamming reviewing service is an experience. When you realize that the team has ordered papers from the company and they share their specific impressions, you can trust them.


Finally, keep in mind that we recommend staying with established and respected companies in the United States. If it looks like a fraud, it probably is. Use caution and avoid websites that advertise extremely low rates that are unrealistic and may appear to be too good to be true. You will unquestionably be safe.